KHDA smart services delight parents


KHDA has a wide variety of smart services aimed at helping parents, students, schools, universities, and education providers.

Dubai: The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) has a wide variety of smart services aimed at helping parents, students, schools, universities, training centres and other education providers.

KHDA’s most popular smart services?
  • Smart parent-school contract
  • Listing of schools, universities and training institutes in Dubai
  • Attestation of educational certificates for schools, training institutes and universities
  • Student registration
  • Authentication of student report cards

How to sign your parent-school contract online?

All private schools in Dubai are enabled to complete the signing of the parent-school contract online. The KHDA app available on Android and iOS devices allows parents to sign the contract from anywhere.

Once a student and their parent’s Emirates ID credentials have been verified and registered at a school, the mobile app can be accessed to use KHDA’s smart services for parents and sign the contract.

What’s KHDA’s latest e-service?

KHDA recently unveiled its Mattoo service at Gitex which allows customers to interact with a smart customer service agent online.

Mattoo can understand natural language, learn and reason from its interactions, and provide solutions to help customers find more information. Mattoo is inspired by a real-life talking parrot which greets visitors at KHDA.

App user

Mohammad Omar Zameer, 41, British, Legal consultant, Dubai

“I used the KHDA app recently this school year in September. We were required by the school to sign the smart parent-school contract – all done online I signed the contract on an iPad. No paperwork, no hassle, it was all sorted out in minutes. I would highly recommend it.

I think not having manual service centres will make a positive difference. For my interaction with the app, I didn’t meet anyone in person, stand in line, or speak with anyone — yet my formalities were taken care of on the spot. And the October 26 initiative would not be a disadvantage.”

Ramesh Mudgal, 44, Indian, Principal, Global Indian International School, Dubai

“I’ve been using the KHDA app for last two months, being new to Dubai. I mostly use parents’ section, particularly the parent-school contract. I like the concept of making a legally-binding document available at the fingertip of parents. I would give it a five-star rating and recommend everyone to use it. Though, at times, it did hang for some time, but it was sorted out within half an hour. Not having manned service centres [on October 26] will make a difference — the world is going digital.”

Source: Gulf News