The importance of unlocking creativity in the classroom


One of the goals of education must be to develop people who are creative and innovative, said Janet Morris, International Network Director, Cambridge International at the British Council Schools Now! conference in Jordan on 6 March 2018.

Speaking to delegates about the role of Cambridge Global Perspectives in developing creativity, Janet explained how the programme helps learners see and do things differently.

“Thinking about topics from different perspectives is key to the Global Perspectives approach – learners think from their own personal perspective, from the perspective of their community or country, and from a global perspective,” she said. “Thinking from different perspectives is in itself a creative process – we are encouraging learners to approach things in new ways, and this will help them develop new ideas. It also promotes a joined-up view of the world.”

The Team Project at the end of the new Cambridge Primary Global Perspectives course is an example of how working towards a final outcome encourages creativity. Learners are assessed not only on what they produce at the end of the project – which can be as varied as a video, poster or poem – but also on the process they have gone through.

This approach makes the learners really think about what they are doing and why. They are encouraged to reflect on their work and learn from their mistakes – traits which are very important for developing creativity.

Cambridge Global Perspectives is available for students aged 5 to 19. The Cambridge Primary and Cambridge Lower Secondary programmes are available for first teaching from June 2018.

Source: Cambridge Assessment International Education