Here’s a Peace of My Mind


The Theme for the International Day of Peace 2017 is “Together for Peace, Respect, Safety and Dignity for all”.

Swathy Sanjay Sindhu – TYV Ambassador

I write this while North Korea has unleashed its unreasonable missile program and the US has begun condemning discussions. I write this while Mumbai and Houston are under water. I write this while the women at the BBC and everywhere around the world fight to be paid equal wages. I write this while someone, somewhere, is being sold in exchange for money. I write this while a child goes to sleep hungry.

We have been, not just once, or twice, upon a time, in a land far, far away from peace. We are far, far away from ever getting to a state of peace, as everything taking place on our planet is part of a chain novel, titled ‘Distress’. Peace is the word of an idealist, simply because there can never exist a true state of balance in our complex world. There will always be something for someone to point out, to disagree with, from the supposed insufficiency of the United Nations to a controversial YouTube video. People look outward for a state of peace and unison but fail to realise that this state of being would never lead to progress. The creation of the world, in both scientific and religious contexts, can only be attributed to the chaos caused by nature or the divine. Successful human progress is once again fiercely attributed to fault and failure, which do not sound like elements of peace to me. And hence peace has not, does not, and will never exist outside of us.

Outside of us. Outside of us because peace is a state of mind. Being peaceful can be collectively achieved only if each one of us finds peace inside of ourselves. The means by which your peace of mind can be achieved is neither for me to dictate nor for you to know, but for you to seek out for yourself. I also by no means say that an individual’s peace will lead to closing a wage gap or a greener city, but it will help people close out their frustration and water a positive mindset, and this will result in multiple individuals with wonderful attitudes and personalities who go out and FIGHT – in the most reasonable, effective and peaceful meaning of the word – for their rights and reasons. Multiple visionaries working on multiple humble or grand schemes might just lead to a world wherein my opinion here is absolutely wrong. It might just lead to peace.

Written By: Swathy Sanjay Sindhu – TYV Ambassador