HBMSU launches Professional Diploma in Events and Convention Management


Program eyes to develop human resources skilled in events industry in support of Dubai’s hosting of Expo 2020


Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University (HBMSU) has launched the Professional Diploma in Events and Convention Management program which aims to improve the ability of participants to manage international events with high efficiency and in accordance with the highest quality and innovation standards using the latest technologies, in addition to effectively managing various challenges, situations and changes brought about by the 21st century. The new offering, which has obtained a Pearson recognition in education, is part of the professional training programs under the HBMSU umbrella and is an important addition to nationwide efforts under UAE Vision 2021 to develop the potentials of the country’s human resources in building a competitive knowledge-based economy.

The Professional Diploma in Events and Convention Management is part of HBMSU’s integrated portfolio of innovative academic and professional programs specifically designed to support investments in human capital as called for by UAE Vision 2021 which aims to build a competitive economy led by UAE Nationals through knowledge and innovation. The program is based on a blended learning mechanism which provides an ideal training model to upgrade professional skills in events management and relevant areas. The Professional Diploma in Events and Convention Management reflects the university’s commitment to reshape the future of education, learning and vocational training using innovative methods that serve the grand aspirations of the UAE to create a generation qualified to lead the development process, propelling it to become among the leading countries in the world.

 Athbah Al Kamdah, Vice Chancellor, Learner Development, HBMSU, explained that the Professional Diploma in Events and Convention Management is of exceptional importance as it is key to preparing UAE’s workforce through knowledge, innovation and the ability to make a positive change in the events management industry both locally and internationally, as well as play a pivotal role in the success of hosting Expo 2020 in Dubai with the theme ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’. The global event is expected to support Dubai’s economy with revenues estimated at USD 23 billion. Launching the program aims to meet the growing need for high levels of professionalism and innovation as part of the preparations for this prestigious global event which is expected to draw in over 25 million visitors to the emirate in over six months. This requires a consolidated effort to build integrated and fully-qualified teams that can design and implement associated events at par with the level of leadership that Dubai has established worldwide.

Al Kamdah said: “Events management is the suitable environment for those who think creatively and have the ability to innovate, organize, plan and communicate effectively, as well as implement plans professionally, taking into account the fine details that make a difference. Event management is of growing importance today in conjunction with advanced technological developments which have imposed a lot of complexities on organizing exhibitions and conferences that have numerous economic, social and cultural benefits. Which is why we are keen to implement the Professional Diploma in Events and Convention Management – to provide the participants with the international best practices, highest professional standards and modern methodologies in planning, organizing and managing events and related activities – starting from securing sponsors and logistical support to marketing the event, producing and presenting it in an innovative and distinctive manner. This will contribute effectively to the success of Expo 2020, which will undoubtedly be the largest cultural and economic gathering in the world.”

HBMSU is implementing the new program using the latest smart learning methods, as well as taking advantage of the technical competence, academic experience, and the advanced infrastructure and technology available in its modern facilities, which are essential in enabling learners and trainees to acquire the knowledge and skills required to plan for a future founded on innovation, creativity, excellence, quality and knowledge.

HBMSU uses the latest smart learning technologies essential in the three stages of learning and training for the program to effectively disseminate its lessons to the largest possible number of students in a short time. The three stages of learning start from ‘awareness’ which is based on self-learning, followed by ‘application’ which allows traditional direct training, and ending with ‘follow-up’ which includes support and guidance using the default means. The program has attracted significant interest from practitioners of event management, public relations, media management, and corporate and government communication, as well as individuals and institutions working in the protocols sector.

The Professional Diploma in Events and Convention Management covers 24 training days, at an average of 6 hours a day in addition to a day for the presentation of the graduation project. The program includes six training modules in the Arabic language covering all relevant aspects of event management. These modules include ‘The Development of Events and Event Management Industry; The Creative Design of the Event and Choosing Speakers and Partners; Preparing and Managing Budgets and Implementing the Logistics; Planning and Designing Marketing Plans and Public Relations Campaigns; Protocols and Etiquettes; Applied Practices; and the graduation project.