FOSM – Future of Electro-Mechanical Engineering

Topic:- Future of Electro-Mechanical


The Future of Sciences & Management is a unique Virtual Career Counselling Summit for Youth in the UAE.  The aim of this unique career summit is to educate today’s student about the sciences – Medical & Non- Medical – Engineering & IT, Management which includes engineering as major, information technology and aviation industry.  FOSM’s main objective is to nurture students’ vision through adequate as well as relevant information to the students in a direct and effective way a comprehensive overview of educational programmes offered in UAE and abroad on undergraduate level.

The Future for Electromechanical engineers looks bright with electromechanical systems being central to many industries both the traditional and the emerging. Environmental concerns that have placed an emphasis on renewable energy, electric cars and electric aeroplane the continued advancements in robotics, the demands of the aerospace industry and the military mean that there is no shortage of choice of employment for the aspiring electromechanical engineer.