Europe-Hungary Travelogue

Written By Manav Jha, The Young Vision Ambassador (Since Sep 2018),Medical Student, University Of Szeged- Hungary


Are you a travel enthusiast ready to pick your next destination this summer? Are you an admirer of history and the enamouring lure of historical sites? Are you a nature-lover seeking peace and quiet from your city’s everyday bustle? As conflicting as these questions may sound, finding a travel destination of such variety will not be.

Why Europe?

Since time immemorial, Europe has made its mark the world over as an incomparable tourist destination with tourists flocking to its cities and towns even in the shortest of holiday seasons. With its glimmering cities, unique architecture and serene natural cover, tourists with a diversity of travel preferences can find their ideal vacation.


Lying in the heart of Europe, Hungary is a country that has witnessed changes in its history and tourism industry like no other. In contrast to Western Europe, well-known attractions are often newer and hence more unique to explore in terms of popularity. In addition, you also may not require too large a travel budget since several tours along with transport and other expenses are minimal compared to other parts of Europe.

A Melting Pot of History

If you are a history enthusiast like me, I would recommend the Buda Castle in the central Budapest. This 200-room monument has witnessed attacks on its gargantuan structure from the Mongols as well as sustaining damage from bombs dropped by Nazi warplanes during World War II. A magnificent relic of history, the Castle houses four floors of a history museum exhibiting its rich historical significance. Rated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Buda Castle is open to visitors 24-hours a day. Standing atop Castle Hill, the medieval monument also provides a picturesque view of the entire city and its bridges.

Soothing Peace and Relaxation

Another spot to consider for a nice view is a 640m-wide promenade alongside the River Danube (called ‘Duna’ by local Hungarians) that divides the city into two. Known as the Danube Promenade, the perfect mix of the cool breeze from the river and good company of friends or family will keep you in high spirits. Several boat cruise tours along the Danube are also available during the day as well as at night. Another soothing experience to indulge in would be the hot bath of Szechenyi Ter. The thermal bath is known to be one of the biggest natural hot-spring spa baths in Europe. With its warm therapeutic waters in 18 different pools, spending a relaxing afternoon here would surely melt your stresses away for good.


However, in case you are an adventurous individual looking for an adrenaline boost, countless attractions have opened up in Budapest in recent years. In locations spread across the city, adventure sports such as paragliding, wakeboarding and boating are booming and you can pick a slot when available. Segway is another popular activity wherein you can use an automated two-wheeler to move across bridges, city walks, parks and other designated points across Budapest along with an expert tour guide. The experience is rejuvenating and perfect to tingle your adventurous side.


While there are numerous places and hotspots that can be covered and explored, these priceless attractions are certainly a must-visit for anyone looking for an ideal holiday.