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Manav Jha

Manav Jha

The Young Vision Ambassador (Since Sep 2018)

Medical Student, University Of Szeged- Hungary

“What the mind can convince and believe, the mind can achieve”
From blogging to writing in newspaper editorials, my journey as a young writer can be summarised best by this wise quote. Apart from a personal perspective, this quote also provides a deeper insight into where we are as a species— at the forefront of immense advancement in nearly every arena of human thought and imagination. With discovery and innovation expanding at an ever-increasing pace of growth, keeping track of such breakthroughs is no longer a choice but a need of society, most particularly students. In response to this strong need for a knowledge-based economy, The Young Visions, in my view, has proved itself not only as a youth network but also as a perfect medium to bridge the gap between the learner and the learned.

Apart from being a pathway of information, The Young Vision sets itself apart through its unique plethora programmes and events focused specifically on training and equipping today’s students with tools and skills of tomorrow. Every event and contest is centered around collaboration over competition and other key values and work habits that form a preeminent foundation in a student’s career and the opportunities that lie ahead of him or her.

From Straight Talk to Shout-it-Out, the proactive The Young Vision team, led by Namrata Ma’am, put together a magazine that is able to voice these values and instill a healthy attitude of competence in its young readers. Looking forward to joining our fellow Ambassadors in a common pursuit—enlightening young minds, one opinion at a time!