Emirati pupils to enrol at private schools in Dubai under scholarships programme


DUBAI // More Emiratis will enrol in private schools as part of the Mohammed bin Rashid Distinguished Students Programme.

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority on Monday signed three agreements with the Knowledge Fund and education providers Taaleem and Gems Education.

Hundreds of Emiratis will be placed in schools rated “good” and higher.

“We have made significant progress since the announcement of this important initiative by creating greater cooperation between the public and private sector, as well as encouraging more Emirati students to positively influence their education journey,” said Abdulla Al Karam, the authority’s director general.

The agreements will lead to scholarships at the participating private schools.

They also outline responsibilities and commitments in providing opportunities for Emiratis, especially high achievers, to join the best private schools in Dubai.

Emirati families have produced more than 550 applications to enrol their children in private schools.

The authority said a central committee would review all applications to ensure compliance with scholarship guidelines.

Hesham Al Qaizi, chief executive of the Knowledge Fund, said the fund’s support was part of a broader aim to develop and improve the quality of education in Dubai.

“We appreciate the support of investors from the private education sector who have expressed a willingness to support the programme and provide better education for Emirati students,” said Abdulla Al Shaibani, secretary general of the Executive Council of Dubai.

“We also look forward to greater participation from other schools.”