EdTech : Top Leading Companies Transforming Education Sector

Compiled by Maymuna Akhter, The Young Vision Ambassador (Since 2015), IMT Dubai


Smart gadgets have become central to our lives, as they provide more and act as an interactive entertainment tool. Technology, being a great tool for research on any subject, and as an abundant source of enjoyment, has been playing a vital role in students’ lives.

So let’s just take a tour through the tech companies and check how they are providing solutions to problems ranging from cost-efficiency of schools to adaptive learning and global access to high quality education.

1 – Samsung

Founded – Seoul, South Korea, March 1, 1938

– You must be aware how Samsung has been inspiring the world with transformative ideas and technologies that have redefined the domains of smartphones, printers, medical equipment, network systems, TV, wearable technology, etc.

– It will be definitely be interesting to know that Samsung launched its Digital Classroom program to address digital skills gaps in the UK in 2013. It equipped 15 digital classrooms with a proper set of educational tools including tablets, laptops, and an interactive whiteboard.

– And now Samsung has also become your study mate to provide you with innovative solutions for education, with a wonderful range of expertise and knowledge in technology to invent innovative products.

2- Dell

Founded – Round Rock, Texas, United States Jan 31, 2007

– Dell’s contribution in the field on innovative education has always been highly commendable. To illustrate this more, Dell EMC is actively supporting institutions in their transition to digital content, offering a far-reaching array of wondrous technologies, integration solutions, and services for schools across the world.

-This includes a prominent portfolio of products that are purpose-built for the classroom, such as the Dell Chromebook 11, the new Latitude 11 Touch, and the Google-Certified Venue 10.


Founded – Armonk, New York, June 16, 1911

  • Through IBM, you can use data integration and predictive analytics. You can incorporate data from other systems, schools or agencies and analyse and report on important indicators such as enrolment, attendance, dropout rates, assessments and graduation.
–   As stated by IBM, their newly launched tool ‘Watson Classroom’ is comprised of IBM Watson Element and IBM Watson Enlight, and supports teachers to deliver truly an innovative learning experience to improve student outcomes.

–  Teacher Advisor is IBM’s philanthropic resource for K-8 Maths teachers. Teachers will find quality curated instructional resources through a Watson-enabled interface, entirely for free.

4 -Apple

Founded –  April 1, 1976, Cupertino, California, United States

  • Apple products have always provided freedom of expression in the hands of every student who learns to use the their gadgets. From their iPad, iPod, Mac to their well designed apps, which are simple enough for a student to master right from the start, and flexible enough to let students go wherever their ideas take them to, Apple’s gadgets provide them with power to pursue even the most complex projects and also giving them a canvas as limitless as their imaginations.
  • The ‘Classroom’ app is a versatile teaching assistant that puts you in charge of every iPad in your classroom, so you can keep your students on track.
  • The all-new ‘Schoolwork’ app lets you easily assign anything from worksheets to activities in educational apps, follow students’ progress, and collaborate with them in real time.

5 – Acer

Founded – 1 August 1976,  Xizhi, New Taipei, Taiwan

  • This wonderful company believes that the most worthwhile part of computing lies in its power to share So they consider it necessary to provide today’s generation with the appropriate tools – they need to develop 21st century skills and succeed in the information age.
  • ‘’The Educare Mobility Suite’’ provides coverage for the TravelMate Notebooks, Chromebooks, Aspire One Netbooks and ICONIA Tablets.
  • Educare also offers enhanced coverage for new Acer projectors, another critical component of a schools’ instructional technology infrastructure


Mentioned above are just few out of the many companie who strongly believe that Innovation isn’t just important for businesses. In many ways, education stands to benefit the most from both utilising and teaching innovation in the classroom. By exploring new and better ways to educate students and also teaching the skills students need to become innovators themselves, today’s educators can have a tremendous impact on the future of our world.