Pursuing Social Work ; All for One

Written by Taneesha Pradhan, The Young Vision Ambassador (Since Mar 2019), The Winchester School - Dubai and Yashwita Reddy, The Young Vision Ambassador (Since Mar 2019), S P Jain School of Global Management, Dubai


Altruism is the purest quality found in humanity. If harnessed, it has the capability of becoming a force for social change. With this in mind, pursuing social work is a noble cause. Selflessness and dedication to solving problems are two necessary qualities in a world that is becoming increasingly polarised.

A Masters in Social Work is best complimented by a person who has a high Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Additionally, this line of work comes with the inbuilt need to have abundant tolerance for people from all walks of life. With 2019 declared the ‘Year of Tolerance’, the UAE is a model for coexistence. More than 200 nationalities reside in the country, and this exposure comes with values that aid social work graduates. Stereotypical ideas would associate the above qualities with women, but they are actually universal and can be developed by anyone with a little effort and determination.

We live in a world where humanity is driven by passion and those motivated at heart. A masters in social work provides you with the best platform to bring these qualities together. Students pursuing a masters in social work can opt for a specialisation in areas detailed below.

MEDICAL: In this field, one can work in medical institutions. Substance abuse is another area of expertise under the medical field which has a high demand for social workers. These graduates can work in NPO’S, prisons, private practices, etc. Mental health is also another area under the medical field where graduates can help patients at mental hospitals, charitable trusts and other health centres.

CHILD CARE: This happens to be an area which has relations with the UNICEF. Graduates in this field can serve children who were neglected by their parents, are orphans since birth or come from a low income family. They can also help with social school work by working as a school counsellor, addressing issues like mental health, truancy prevention programmes, crisis intervention and building a good rapport between the child and their parent.

GOVERNMENT SECTOR:  Since this body is concerned with the welfare of the society, social work happens to be one of the most important aspects in this area. The scale of opportunities as well as the magnitude of work reaches an elevated level. Individuals find it very challenging as well as lively at the same time. Governments universally focus on charity work. A few reputed organisations the government works with include CINI, CRY, UNICEF and UNESCO.

There are many ways to get involved in your community to make a difference. By its nature, voluntary work is the epitome of social service. Giving without expecting anything in return is a vital quality in all humans. Through volunteering, one also learns how to take initiative and work as part of a team. Next time you have downtime, go fight the good fight. The world will thrive when it’s all for one, and one for all.