The College of Fashion & Design Appoints New President and CEO


The College of Fashion and Design (CFD) is proud to announce the appointment of Dr. Monica Gallant as the President & CEO. Dr Gallant is a qualified Chartered Accountant from Canada and holds a Doctorate in Education. She has spent more than 20 years in the Education sector in Dubai and have spent the past two years in the field of Fashion Education.

She believes that the market for quality fashion graduates is very strong in Dubai and that the fashion industry employs a large number of workers in the region and creating home-grown talent is a key contributor to helping to develop Dubai as the next international fashion hub. Sustainable fashion and wearable technology are key growth areas that tap into the UAE’s focus as a centre for creativity and innovation.

In order to cater to the above mentioned trends and channel the interests and passion of aspiring entrepreneurs in the field of fashion CFD has launched a range of short courses.

The array of short courses offered at CFD include Abaya Design, Designing a Fashion collection, Creative Fashion Illustration, Fashion Photography etc.

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