Which category of students can get 10-year UAE residency visas?


Lawyers applaud new visa announcement.

Male students in the UAE that are under their parent’s visa and pass the age of 18 will be eligible for a visa extension under the new residency scheme that was announced for students, a UAE-based lawyer has said.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Prime Minister and Vice President of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, directed during his cabinet meeting on Sunday to extend the duration of visa of students that are graduating.

“.@HHShkMohd orders concerned Gov’t entities to implement decisions before the end of 2018. His Highness also orders extension of residency for students sponsored by their parents after completion of their graduate studies to allow for ample time to decide on career paths,” the Emirates news agency, WAM, had tweeted on Sunday.

The current law states that females, no matter their age, can stay dependent under their parent’s visa until they get married. For males, however, they are eligible to stay under their parent’s visa until the age of 18.

“Prior to the announcement of the new regulation, a visa provided to a student expired upon completion of their course. For females, they can stay under their parent’s sponsorship until they are married. For males, they have to be up to the age of 18 to remain under the sponsorship of their parents,” Ashish Mehta, the Managing Partner at Ashish Mehta & Associates, said.

“It will help students immensely. In no other country, you are given such a long visa. Usually, in other countries, a student’s visa expires upon completion of their studies. UAE provides the best of universities, whether it’s local, American, British, Indian and others – they have the best institutions. This new rule will attract more students from all over the globe, particularly from the sub-continent. Students can think beyond their studies by continuing their journey in UAE. It is simply a win-win for both sides.

“Congratulations to the leadership of UAE who continue to enhance the UAE status globally as a knowledge based society. This is confirmed by the new regulations announced by the UAE leadership – students and brighter students are provided a great opportunity and an amazing platform amongst others such a scientists and doctors to obtain a world class education in the UAE and start their career here to further boost UAE’s vision of a knowledge based society and at the same time take utmost advantage of the infrastructure and opportunities provided in the country,” Mehta added.

Current student residency visa laws

The current laws in place, according to Maha Alnowaisser, an Associate at DWF (Middle East) LLP:


– A person would need a residence visa to enroll in primary, secondary or high schools. Usually students will be under the sponsorship of one of their parents.

– Students under parent’s sponsorship and want to enroll into tertiary level university, college or institution: Sons, below the age of 18 in full-time education can be sponsored by their parents; unmarried daughters of any age can be sponsored by their father (or their mother if she is employed in a high-level profession)

Students wanting to attend a tertiary level university, college or institution:

Full-time students can be sponsored by the university, college or institution. To do that, students must have the following:

– Unconditional offer of admission letter
– Submit new visa application form and supporting documents
– Copy of passport
– Passport size photographs
– Receipt for payments made to the university, college or institution

Student visa validity

Students’ visas are generally issued for a period of 12 months (1 year). They are required to renew their visa if they are continuing with their studies for more than a year.

Source: Khaleej Times