Youth Talk- Why Appearance Matters

Compiled by Neitya Pathania, The Young Vision Ambassador (Since 2017), GEMS Our Own English High School, Dubai


A first impression is the last impression – that’s exactly what our appearance does. People judge us on the basis of our looks and the way we present ourselves. Today’s youth spend a lot of time on their appearance. But what exactly is appearance? And why does it matter? Well that is what our ambassadors are going to share with us …


Appearance matters a great deal because you can often tell a lot about people by looking at how they present themselves. -Daniel Handler

When it comes to attending an interview, or the first day of your new school or college, the first thing that someone notices about you is your appearance. We, humans, judge very fast, in fact, we only take 7 seconds to judge someone by their appearance. We know how important first impressions are but not everybody knows that the first impression is actually a seven-second window upon first meeting someone. Almost 55% of the first impression is based on the appearance. This means in an interview or any other situation you need to act quickly in order to make a brilliant first impression on your interviewers.

There is a saying that you only get one chance to make a first impression. Now we know that the chance comes and goes in the blink of an eye.


The picture perfect person, as seen through the tampered lens of society is, quite literally, photo shopped reality. The physical make up of a person has been subjected to a trend of cruel scrutiny throughout the years, with expectations rising higher with time.  In this day and age, society has engraved into minds – the shape of a perfect body, the complexion of the perfect skin and the texture of a perfect face. From magazine covers to films to advertisements, the size 0 figure of girls and the built masculine look of boys are endorsed as the appearance aligned with societal expectations. A few extra pounds or a couple more freckles often make one the victim of casual judgment and criticism. This is an inherently toxic practice leading to negative mental strain, eating disorders, and a deteriorating self-confidence.

The gravity of the matter has escalated in the past decade, with more people speaking out in favour of body positivity. Activists are seen campaigning for a more open minded take on looks, with rallies and marches to transcend the absurdity of social expectations. Positive responses can be seen in the inclusion of plus size models in top magazine including Elle and Glamour. The youth of today is motivated to break social barriers, look beyond what is on the outside, in an attempt to love and care for all.

To every young reader out there – You are beautiful, in every form and shape. Look beyond your appearance, don’t obsess over the reflection in the mirror, don’t pick and pinch at your body. Embrace your imperfections. Societies regard them as unpleasant, but know that they are not, for they define you and make you who you are. You are more than your looks. You are a human being destined to accomplish your goals and fulfil your dreams. So look at your reflection with happiness and pride for it is perfect, just the way it is.


Appearance matters because it’s hard to ignore this factor in making a judgment about a person’s character, as the person’s first available information about the character is only his physical appearance. With the available physical appearances such as, body language, dressing and tidiness, we start to make perceptions in our mind and build a complete picture of the person. The picture built in our minds may seem clear to us but may not be the real picture of the person.

Though we say ‘Do not judge a book by its cover’, the world encounters you by first appearance. In the professional world, the first impression is the best impression; the appearance right at that moment would showcase your confidence, knowledge, and potential. It’s not only in the professional world but wherever you enter a new place, you are judged.

Making spot judgment on appearances cannot be prevented, but never give people a chance to judge wrongly on your appearances – make your appearance really speak who you are.


It doesn’t take a second for people to judge you on your looks and appearance; the way you present yourself shows the kind of person you are! For me, looking flawless is important as important as my studies…Appearance is not only the way you dress or style yourself, it is the way you show your kindness, behavior, attitude and so on… I always make sure every day is a fresh start and I make sure I am not hurting anyone and looking my best. So, don’t you want to be flawless? Here are a few tips I can suggest: First of all, know and love yourself always. Second, be gentle and caring with yourself. Third, don’t forget to know what is best for you, and last but not the least – be truthful to yourself and others. So I hope this will help you to appreciate yourself and always look flawless.

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