UAE: Grade XI students thrilled to be back in school

All Class X students were auto-promoted to Grade XI due to the cancellation of board exams.


Students and teachers from Grade XI were a happy lot on Sunday as many Indian schools in the UAE commenced classes for the senior grade.

All Class X students were auto-promoted to Grade XI due to the cancellation of board exams — ­­scheduled from May 4 extending into June — by CBSE and ICSE.

Muhammad Ali Kottakkulam, Principal, Gulf Indian High School told Khaleej Times, “Despite all the challenges and mixed emotions, the students and teachers of grade XI welcomed the new academic year with positive energy. The session started with an icebreaker session to raise students’ morale, fostered a collaborative environment and made students comfortable.”

He added, “Teachers gave them a brief outline of what each of the subject curriculums to be covered in Grade XI will be and shared new learning strategies.”

School heads advised students to remain resilient. “After the initial reactions of surprise, disbelief, disappointment and relief, students were excited about starting their Grade XI classes,” said Teresa Varman, Principal & CEO of GEMS Millennium School Sharjah. “They are happy to finally be able to move on from the Grade X syllabus that they have been studying over and over again since November 2020. The students’ excitement over new academic electives, new learning experiences and new teachers and classmates was very evident.”

Even CISCE-affiliated schools in Dubai had prepared for special celebratory welcomes as students were raring to come back.

Nargish Khambatta, Principal, GEMS Modern Academy, and Vice President – Education, GEMS Education, said, “The students were ecstatic to be back in school and just soaked in all that they had missed! The teachers gave them a very warm welcome and we had a motivational assembly for them.”

She adds, “Teachers advised students to put aside the roller-coaster experience of the past couple of months and focus on starting anew. This year we have had more than 120 students opting for the IB programme and they had their orientation for Bridge modules which will enable them to navigate the IBDP.”

Sheela Menon, Principal, Ambassador Schools says, “The excitement was evident from almost 100 per cent attendance. The students looked relaxed and happy to start the new journey.”

She adds, “The teachers were very encouraging and motivated the students by speaking to every child.”

Meanwhile, a few Indian schools in the city will start their Grade XI classes later this week.

Deepika Thapar Singh, CEO-Principal, Credence High School, says, “Grade 11 is commencing for Credence High on Wednesday, April 28. Our students have just completed their second pre-board exams and it was important for them to take it seriously as internal assessments will be of high value in the criterion for assessments for Grade 10, the details of which, are awaited. The school counselor has briefed the students regarding the next phase of their school life that is the Senior Secondary Phase.”

Source: Khaleej Times