UAE education ministry announces Grade 1-12 exam dates


Full details of these date changes are now available through the Ministry’s website.

The third term exam dates for students in Grades 1-12 of public and private schools following the Ministry of Education (MoE) curriculum have been announced for the current academic year. They will run from May 20 to June 27.

Earlier this week, Khaleej Times reported that the UAE MoE was proposing a series of changes to the 2017/18 academic year of schools across the country, including the pushing back of final exam dates from May to late June.

Full details of these date changes are now available through the Ministry’s website.

The exams for six dedicated subjects including Islamic Education, General Science, Health Science, Social Studies, Arabic and English will take place between May 20 and will conclude on June 12 (see official schedule for corresponding dates for each grade).

For all remaining subjects, exams will resume on June 20 with the final exam taking place on June 27. However, final exam dates will vary depending on what grade the student is in and what module he/she is sitting (general, elite or advanced).

For students in Grades 1-9 taking general modules, the exams will conclude on June 25. And for those in Grades 10-12, the final exam dates will be June 26.

For students in Grades 6-8 taking elite modules, third term exams will conclude on June 25, and for Grade 9 students the final day of exams will be June 27.

Finally, for those taking advanced modules in Grade 10, exams will conclude on June 26 and for those taking the same in Grades 11-12, they will come to an end on June 27.

Though the shuffle has not been as disruptive as most parents were expecting, the change in dates may affect some summer travel plans for families. However on the whole, they have been receptive to the changes.

Speaking to Khaleej Times, a parent of a Grade 12 Egyptian student in an Abu Dhabi-based school said the new schedule has overlapped with air tickets they have already purchased.

“We were due to fly to my home country on June 25 but his final exam will now be on June 27. His education is the priority though so we will have to change the vacation dates now,” she said, asking not to be named.

Source: Khaleej Times