By Varshini Balaji, 12th Grade in Delhi Private School,Dubai

On 27 July 2015 the world bid adieu to a visionary, a miracle by human standards and potential. A man of ordinary background yet extraordinary ideas and intelligence. None other than the Bharat Ratna awardee,Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam. Inspiring millions in a few words, this man embarked the path of hard work, struggle and humility. On 15 October 1931 Jainulabudeen and Ashiamma were blessed with a young boy – little did they know that he would grow up to be the 11th president of the world’s largest democracy and would be called the ‘Missile Man of India’. With an unpromising childhood, Dr.Kalam brought the world to a standstill for his pivotal role in launching the locally-built Rohini-1 into space in the 1970s.In 2002,Dr.Kalam won the presidential elections and, after a five year term filled with appreciation and criticisms from supporters and opponents, Dr.Kalam returned back to his normal life coaching and training

students. He was no stranger to awards and has received huge appreciation and awards in recognition for his significant contribution in the field of science and research.

A man with a simple background dared to dream and courageously fought against all odds to transform his dream into reality. After all, he was the one who enlightened the world with words of greater wisdom and experience – ‘Dreams are not those that we see in our sleep; they should be the ones that never let us sleep’. With a mission of constantly inspiring the youth, he never missed an opportunity to express himself. In 2012 a revolutionary thought was converted into action, taking the form of the ‘What can I give?’ movement, aiming to curb corruption. Many have come and gone and many more will come, but a man like him has left an everlasting impression on the world. The world bows its head in gratitude for this legend. Quoting Mahatria Ra: ‘When there are creations around you there is a creator’- and he is the creator of several path-breaking inventions.

Dr. Kalam, a personification of humility, stands before humanity as an example of enormous success sans ego.
I am honoured and humbled to pen down these words. May his soul rest in peace. Thank you so much, Dr. Kalam, for 83 years of magic.