[Dubai, July 07, 2021] Swiss International School Dubai, Dubai’s first bilingual International Baccalaureate School, is celebrating outstanding results from its latest cohort of International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme graduates. 

The latest IBDP results were announced this week, and despite the upheaval and shift to home learning created by the pandemic, the keen multi-lingual group of 20 SISD students achieved an average grade of 34, surpassing the global average points score.   

Top scoring student, Skay Fasano, with an excellent point score of 42 – which only a tiny percentage of those studying the academically-challenging IBDP globally achieve – says: “I am thrilled with my IB results – this curriculum has helped me to build resilience and perseverance and allowed me to pursue a truly bilingual education. I became a more independent and organised individual by following the IB, and I have now decided to study at the world-famous École Hôtelière de Lausanne in Switzerland in order to pursue my passion in Hospitality Management.”.

The highest point score available is 45, which only 0.1% of global students achieve. 

Elise Furr, Head of Secondary at SISD, says: “Our IB results this year are simply outstanding, especially given the added pressures created by the pandemic. This is only the school’s second year of the IBDP Programme, so it really is a fantastic achievement. It is testament to everyone’s hard work, commitment and unfailing dedication to excellence that all our students should now receive their first choice of university destination, and we are certain they will go on to become truly successful global citizens.” 

Urs Jungo, the leading school’s IBDP Coordinator, adds: “It has truly been an honour to be part of this year’s IBDP cohort – we have a group of students who have not only undertaken one of the world’s most challenging educational programmes in a global pandemic, but some have also achieved bilingual diplomas – no easy feat! The students have achieved fantastic results and surpassed the world’s average scores. We are very proud of you, Class of 2021!” 

School Principal, Norbert Foerster, explains: “The sound philosophy behind the IB Programme is to equip its students with the values, knowledge and skills they’ll need to become better global citizens, and work towards making the world a better place. This goal is carried over throughout the continuum of IB education. At SISD, we put particular focus on international-mindedness, a balanced education, and tailored approaches to learning. We also add in the dimension of bilingualism – truly making our students ready for a global world. Our latest results show this concept is working extremely well, and I’d like to congratulate both our students and staff for putting in such hard work during a trying time to achieve outstanding results. However, for me, the IB is about so much more than just points – it is an educational philosophy to ensure our students succeed in life, not just at university, and more importantly become life-long learners with a passion to make a difference in the world.”