Subah Bhatia


I had come across multiple editions of the TYV magazines in my school library, all of which had sparked in me a profound aspiration to be a part of such an organisation – to contribute to it, and learn from it. TYV has given me this opportunity, to expand my horizons, refine my skills and instill in myself a strong sense of confidence.

I thank TYV, Namrata Ma’am, and the entire team, for having become the embodiment of the youth’s perspective, for being the megaphone to our voice, and the platform we can trust to represent our best interests. Their endless efforts and steadfast dedication are the roots of this establishment. TYV has done justice to its mission, tapping the minds of students, educating and mentoring them. It has opened for me a new door leading to insightful personal and professional growth. This journey is one I am extremely grateful to undertake, and enjoy immensely.