Software firm Ideagen secure six figure, five year contract with Air Transat


Software firm Ideagen secure six figure contract with Air Transat

Canadian airline to implement Ideagen Enlighten to enhance safety reporting and strengthen safety culture

Air Transat, the Canadian leisure airline, is to work with software firm Ideagen in a six-figure five-year contract to enhance aviation safety reporting across its operations.

Ideagen Enlighten, Ideagen’s cloud-based software, will be rolled out across Air Transat, strengthening its safety culture and increasing efficiencies for staff, particularly safety investigators.

Enlighten will allow Air Transat’s safety investigation and senior management teams to analyse safety data in real time, helping the airline to react quicker to potential hazards and mitigate risks.

Dave Bourdages, Air Transat’s Senior Director of Safety, Quality and Security, said: “Ideagen Enlighten will allow us to analyse data better, assess trends across the business and provide us with key performance indicators which we can communicate to upper management.

“We’re going to be able to see live, in real time, what is happening with the airline operationally and be able to react quicker and better should the need to react arise.

“Safety assessments, or risk assessments, can be done on the spot and should there be a need to investigate, the safety officer can devote his time to the investigation using accurate data.”

Air Transat plan to open their new reporting system to external services such as Ground Operations. This move will increase the quality of safety data further and allow the airline to make more informed decisions.

Mr Bourdages added: “Over time, our goal is to take all of the various reports we have – such as safety, health and safety, injury declaration reports, captain reports, flight directory reports – and join them under one, single, database. This will give us much better visibility as to what is currently happening at the airline and during our operations.

“Ideagen Enlighten will also allow us to deploy the system to sub-contractors such as Ground Operations at different airports. Those safety reports from Ground Ops – and other services as well – will feed into our system directly to increase our safety and risk knowledge.

“I believe Ideagen Enlighten will take us to the forefront of safety reporting.”

Based in Montreal, Quebec, Air Transat operates scheduled and charter flights and serves 63 destinations in 30 countries. The organisation has over 2,000 employees and has a fleet of 30 aircraft including Airbus A310-300s, A330-200s and A330-300s as well as 7 Boeing 737-800s.

Ideagen is a global leader in developing information management software and providing supporting services to organisations operating in some of the most highly regulated industries in the world.

It currently has a global customer base of over 2,500 organisations, including more than 300 airlines, and counts Boeing, Emirates, Thomas Cook and KLM amongst its client list.