Qualifying exams for Grade V, VIII from 2019: Minister


Some parts of the NCERT syllabus to be reduced by half, said Javadekar.

The Centre is hoping to pass the proposed education bill in the Monsoon session of Parliament to start examinations in 5th and 8th standards in government schools from March next year, HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar said here on Saturday.

Stating that 25 out of 29 Indian states have agreed to bring back qualifying examinations in 5th and 8th standards, the Union Minister said the proposed change in no detention policy will be a reality by August this year.

“Now the bill is before Parliament and I am very hopeful that the education bill will pass in July because all parties agreed to it. We have given freedom to the state to have or not to have it. Twenty-five states want examinations in 5th and 8th standards. Those who do not want it, I respect their freedom,” Javadekar told a media meet.

“As all states and political parties have agreed I am very sure that the change in no detention policy will be a reality by August and from March 2019, there will be examination in 5th and 8th standards,” he said.

The Minister also reiterated his claim to cut down the National Council of Educational Research And Training (NCERT) syllabus to half in order to provide more time to the students for other activities necessary for comprehensive education.

“Along with study, you need physical education, life skill education, experiential learning, value-education and create skill opportunities. But there is no time for all these as NCERT syllabus is so huge. Therefore, we have decided to reduce the syllabus by half,” Javadekar pointed out.

“Some parts of the syllabus will be reduced in 2019 and some will be done in 2020,” he added.

Source: Khaleej Times