Live streaming comes to Abu Dhabi classrooms


SWOO is the first UAE-based live streaming application used by celebrities, influencers, leaders and experts.

Real-time virtual classroom concept will soon help teachers and students in Abu Dhabi.

Two relatively new interactive platforms of Abu Dhabi Financial Group (ADFG) , SWOO and Alef Education, have signed a partnership agreement to introduce virtual interactive classroom in the UAE.

SWOO is the first UAE-based live streaming application used by celebrities, influencers, leaders and experts. It was developed by Algorythma, the technology arm of ADFG. The communication tool ‘SWOO for Education’ provides the means for remote interaction between teachers and students.

SWOO CEO Divyesh Mahajan said the real-time virtual classroom concept will help teachers and students said that live streaming education is a big field and untapped one. “Disruption has happened in almost all industries and sectors, but not inside a classroom.

“This can be changed through technology by collecting data. Alef is a revolutionary platform and SWOO enables this by connecting teachers and students. We can have a teacher go live and some 30,000 students benefitting from it,” Mahajan said.

The pilot project, Mahajan said, has started with few schools in the Capital. “We started with an Abu Dhabi school by e-connecting a teacher in London to deliver a lecture through the interactive platform.”

“As a start, this will be inside classrooms but later on any number of students anywhere can benefit from this service. There will be features like ‘ask questions’, ‘raise hands’ and more to get students involved. In a live streaming act, you can emphatically connect with audience, take their queries and address them right there.”

Mahajan said such collaboration will help students in remote places. Jassim Alseddiqi, ADFG CEO and Alef Education board member, said: “SWOO offers high-quality content and not everyone can download the app as all requests are filtered. We have had more than two million downloads and get more than one download every 10 seconds. We get some 300 requests every day.”

Meanwhile, Geoffrey Alfonso, acting CEO, Alef Education, said going forward the possibilities are endless. “Maybe in the future, students can teach each other. This sort of integration in the UAE is arguably the first. We are looking at lot more schools by next year and try different regions. We will grow conservatively but sky is the limit,” Alfonso added.

How SWOO works in a classroom?

Through a special SWOO-supported live broadcast channel, educational material will be introduced for direct circulation between the teacher and the students. By means of the advanced live transmission of image and sound, the teacher will be provided with various tools and alternatives to introduce and discuss the educational content.

Source: Khaleej Times