Last Date of Registration: 10th May 2017
Batch Start :  20th May 2017
Entry Level:  Grade 10 – 11 – 12

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Skyline University College, Sharjah brings you KBP (Kotler Business Program), the only global business program under the brand name of a management guru, Philip Kotler that offers first class education in countries across the globe.

  • DISCOVER profitability , returnability and sustainability , the new message of marketing
  • IMPROVE branding power through human spirit thinking
  • COPE with major business challenges and opportunities in times of turbulence
  • LEAD in sustainability thinking and out perform competitors
  • IDENTIFY new business opportunities through Marketing Innovation
  • KNOW how the human mind, heart & spirit aspect modern marketing.
  • SEE new sustainable marketing audits to help companies achieve beyond the bottom lines
  • WILL  New Marketing  beat the marketing myopia and bring forth positive social change
  • GO Green-an opportunity for both the marketer and the environmentalist
  • APPLY the effectiveness of product differentiation and brand building
  • 100% online learning format for maximum flexibility.
  • Exclusive video content from distinguished lecturers
  • Interactive modules provide engaging & practical learning experience
  • Instant feedback through regular assessments & grading
  • Receive a course certificate signed by Philip Kotler
  • Kotler brand reputation
  • E-Learning(video) 7 hours ( actual)
  • E-Book Learning 45 hours ( recommended)
  • E-Business Case 1,5 hours
  • E-Business Project 1,5 hours
  • E-Test (MCQs) 2 hours
  • Total E-Learning 75 hours ( recommended)
  • Students will register online and pay online (Confirmation mail sent after 72 hours)
  • After student registration and payment confirmation. SUC will send the details of registration to KI to get the program codes which include the user id and password
  • SUC will issue the user id and passwords once in a month from December 1 week (Every month once we have 20 registrations SUC will issue the required program codes)
  • Each participant is given 8 weeks to complete the full course
  • Certificate will be issued to the students who get 50% in their assessments.
  • Chapter 1: The Nature of Marketing: Creating and Capturing Customer Value
  • Chapter 4: Marketing Research & Gaining Consumer Insights
  • Chapter 7: Creating Value through Products and Brands
  • Chapter 9: Creating Value through Pricing
  • Chapter 10: Creating Value through Distribution
  • Chapters 12-14: Creating Value through Communication
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  • You will receive the Certificate Signed by Philip Kotler & Skyline University College.
  • The course is brought to you by Skyline University College, Sharjah renowned Business Management University and accredited by Ministry of Higher Education.
  • The course will be available on reliable Pearson platform.
  • Support by SUC’s Professor for queries related to any topic.
  • Only 72 Hours
  • Saves your time
  • Huge Scope of marketing in UAE
  • Strong point in your resume
  • Increase Job Opportunity
  • Exposure to the Corporate World and it’s Work Culture
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