Internet: A Boon or a Bane?

Compiled by Sivadurga Adduri, TYV Ambassador, Leaders Private School, Sharjah


The Internet is one of the most constructive mediums of our century, and has found its existence in billions of households around the world. As the Internet’s fame is increasing day by day, there is always a question hanging around the corner – is the Internet a boon or a bane? Let’s hear it from our friends…

Kimaya Padmashali, Grade 9, The Millennium School- Dubai

“Today, the internet has an enormous positive influence on our society. However, for all of its advantages, the Internet is something of a double-edged sword. People who spend most of their time on the Internet become dependent on the Internet to feel buoyant. I would also like to point out that the Internet isn’t censored. Teenagers are known to join groups that inaccurately teach them that some negative behaviours are okay and cool. Furthermore, the information on the Internet isn’t always accurate. I’ve noticed many people try and back up false arguments with information from the Internet. We assume that everything we read online will be true. The internet is not necessarily a bad influence but is definitely not a good one either.”

Shruthi Mekhala Upadrasta, Grade 9, Delhi Private School- Sharjah

“Today’s world runs only because of one thing: the Internet. The Internet has affected many lives, including mine, both positively and negatively. It has influenced me in doing my school work, communicating with others, playing and following music trends. It clears most of my doubts and improves my reading, listening, and communication skills. It helped me clear most of my academic doubts by videos, etc. Because of video games it has helped me develop my creative skills. Other than the positive impacts, it has made me addicted to it. All in all, it has imparted great knowledge in me.”

Aashay Shailendra Rane, Grade 9, Our Own English High School-Sharjah

“The Internet has definitely impacted the lives of everyone, especially youngsters, who make up a considerable proportion of the Internet population.
It helps to spread awareness and influences a diverse audience. Moreover, we can also find possible solutions to daily problems. Apart from all these, Internet addiction is undoubtedly harmful, but considerable action needs to be taken to be in control of it.

Now, despite all the benefits of these new technologies, people are likely to say that the Internet has a negative influence. It is important for people to understand both sides of the coin, so that we can respect the modern technology and maintain our dignity as human beings.”

The Internet has helped us, not only in evolution but also in increasing our knowledge day to day. If we use the Internet safely, it will surely be a boon for all of us. But misusing it can cause it to become a disadvantage. We need to spread awareness and make everyone realise the importance of the net. Indeed, the Internet is truly a blessing in disguise!