International Literacy Day 2019 – September 8


Around the world, nearly 800 million people are illiterate in their own languages. Two-thirds of those who can’t read are women.  Over fifty years ago, UNESCO designated International Literacy Day every September 8, as an annual event to rally the international community around a great cause — literacy. 

Literacy is incredibly vital to every human endeavor. Most importantly, if the adults can’t read, who will help and support the children as they strive towards success?  International Literacy Day is your chance to be a positive force for change through education and awareness. To find out more, stick around for ideas and important information.  Make International Literacy Day a crucial cause for action in your own community.

International Literacy Day Activities

  1. Donate

    Contribute to the future of literacy by donating to the International Literacy Association. Your donation helps to increase literacy efforts worldwide. Plus, your donation supports educators and literacy advocates in their work. Every little bit helps!

  2. Show teachers your appreciation

    This International Literacy Day, let a teacher know you appreciate them. Give them a small gift, send them a card, or simply say, “Thank you.” It can mean the world to a hard-working, under-appreciated teacher!

  3. Help students with their reading

    You can help in the war on illiteracy by helping a child to improve their reading. Whether you’re a parent working with your own child, or you’re interested in tutoring a senior, you can be a force for change and for good.

    Why We Love International Literacy Day

    1. It’s a day for sharing ideas

      Every good thing in the world started out as an idea. The phone or computer you use, the power that enables you to create and the printed results of what you wrote all come from creatively sharing ideas.

    2. It enables us to make the most out of life

      Without literacy, we would not be able to effectively communicate with others. We would have a harder time furthering our educations (if at all possible) or pursuing our dreams. Without literacy, social media might be off-limits (we know your heart stopped at the thought of that last one.) Think of all the things you love in life and then consider how much you would miss out on if you were illiterate.

    3. It encourages human rights

      Literacy enables us to stand up for what we believe in. When oppressed persons are illiterate, they have a small voice (if they have a voice at all.) Being able to speak, write and read well are key for advancing human rights and equality for all.