Innovation Arabia 10 looks into the future under the theme ‘Innovation & Entrepreneurship: The Engines of Sustainability’


Under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Innovation Arabia 10 looks into the future under the theme ‘Innovation & Entrepreneurship: The Engines of Sustainability’

  • Training program entitled Innovation in Social Responsibility and Sustainability serves the objectives of the declaration of 2017 as ‘Year of Giving’
  • 3 concurrent international conferences to tackle innovation in smart learning, business, environment and health as driving force for Arab World’s sustainable development
  • HBMSU calls for creation of favorable environment that nourishes creativity and innovation to accelerate transition to knowledge-based economy

Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University (HBMSU) has begun the preparations to host the 10th Innovation Arabia congress under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and President of HBMSU. To be held from March 6 to 8, 2017 at The Address Dubai Marina, the congress will attract a number of influential international figures to take part in the prestigious gathering organized to promote innovation in the Arab World by creating an environment conducive to innovative revolution and creativity as the region transitions to an integrated knowledge-based economy.

To be stage under the theme ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship: The Engines of Sustainability,’ Innovation Arabia 10 is of strategic importance given that innovation plays a crucial role in the development of vital sectors affecting the future of the Middle East. These sectors include education, health, public services, economy, manufacturing, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and family-run businesses. Focusing on innovation is in line with HBMSU’s commitment to support government efforts aimed at fostering a culture of innovation in education and entrepreneurship. Aside from being the driving force behind the Arab region’s and the rest of the world’s economic and social development, innovation will also help turn into a reality the vision of the wise leaders to make the UAE one of the world’s most innovative countries by 2021 in line with the objectives of the UAE National Innovation Strategy.

Innovation Arabia 10 includes three main international conferences on ‘Quality & Business Management’ under the theme ‘Unleashing Innovation, Empowering Entrepreneurship;’ ‘Smart Learning’ which will tackle ‘Build Knowledge Based Communities;’ and ‘Health and Environment,’ which will discuss pivotal issues under the theme ‘Changing Minds, Protecting the Environment.’ Senior government officials, decision and policy makers, thought leaders, academics, researchers, journalists, business leaders, and representatives from various international organizations will attend the event to analyze the crucial role of innovation and entrepreneurship in achieving sustainable development. The participants will particularly focus on the role of education, health and the environment in re-shaping the future of sustainability based primarily on innovation.

Ali Jaber, Dean of Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Communication at American University of Dubai (AUD) and Group TV Director of Middle East Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), will be the Congress main keynote speaker; Dr. Timothy Mescon, Senior Vice President and Chief Officer of Europe, Middle East, and Africa Headquarters of AACSB International will be Quality and Business Management conference keynote speaker; and Dr. Ahmed Al Nuseirat, Coordinator General, Dubai Government Excellence Program. Among the international speakers for the Smart Learning Conference are Gard Titlestad, Secretary General of the International Council for Distance Education (ICDE), and Steven Duggan, Director of Worldwide Education Strategy at Microsoft Corporation and Member of the Governing Board of the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education. For the Health & Environment Conference, highly renowned speakers will be participating as well, including Prof. Hilary Godwin, Professor of Environmental Health Sciences at the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability in UCLA School of Public Health, and Eng. Aisha Al Abdooli, Chief Innovation Officer and Director of Environmental Awareness and Education Department at the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment.

 Dr.Mansoor Al Awar, HBMSU Chancellor, said: “Innovation Arabia’s success for over a decade is due to the world’s high interest in the congress, the first of its kind in the Middle East, and its strategic focus on the important role of education, business, the environment, healthcare, and Islamic banking and finance in the Arab World’s sustainable development.”

Al Awar also said: “We have chosen ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship: The Engines of Sustainability’ as this year’s theme in line with our tireless efforts to make a positive impact on the growing need for excellent models of innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability. This also demonstrates our support for the Dubai Government’s initiatives to help achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly in the education sector, in accordance with ‘Dubai Plan 2021,’which aims to build innovative and creative individuals as part of the emirate’s development plan.”

He added: “Under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and HBMSU President, Innovation Arabia continues to provide a global platform where participants can efficiently exchange ideas, discuss challenges, and find solutions that will serve the Arab World’s efforts to build sustainable and knowledge-driven economies based on innovation and entrepreneurship for a better future.”

‘Smart Learning Excellence’ is the leading forum to discuss smart learning’s modern and innovative concepts as well as its role in creating knowledge-based societies, in addition to identifying ways to enhance the positive impact of transformational and societal education on the quality of the learning experience. The latter will create a knowledge revolution to improve the region’s ability to bring about sustainable development in line with the global educational goals set by UNESCO, particularly in terms of promoting education for sustainable development.

“Similarly, we are confident about this year’s ‘Health & Environment Conference,’ which will gather leading researchers, academics and international figures to discuss ways to overcome obstacles facing innovation in the health and environment industry. The conference will also showcase the latest effective solutions for promoting the role of innovation in paving the way for a sustainable future in a bid to restore balance in the ecosystem and maintain public health,” Al Awar said.

Dr. Al Awar concluded: “Under the theme ‘Unleashing Innovation, Empowering Entrepreneurship,’ Quality & Business Management Conference 2017 will certainly not be any less important as it will highlight the significance of entrepreneurs in modern markets and their contributions to a sustainable economy through innovation. At HBMSU, we look forward to the upcoming international conferences which will showcase the best expertise in innovation and entrepreneurship to ensure the sustainable development of the UAE and the rest of the Arab World.”

Innovation Arabia 10 will feature a series of innovative training programs to be held on the sidelines of the international conferences. Quality & Business Management Conference 2017 will host a training workshop on ‘Planning by Scenarios – Shaping the Future,’ which is specifically designed by HBMSU in response to the decision of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to adopt the ‘UAE Strategy for the Future.’ The latter seeks to anticipate opportunities and challenges across various industries in the UAE. The workshop follows a methodology based on promoting the capabilities of the participants to analyze and develop government regulations as part of the strategic planning process for the future, as well as suggest studies and positive scenarios to help achieve a better future for the country.

A training workshop on ‘Innovation in Social Responsibility and Sustainability’ will be held on the sidelines of the Health & Environment Conference and in line with the declaration of 2017 as ‘Year of Reading’. It will showcase the progress of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) concept and shed light on the top practical CSR experiences that have made a great difference and served as a model of best practices for others to follow. It will also focus on the development of CSR plans, executive guidelines and innovative implementation mechanisms on par with international practices.

The Smart Learning Conference, on the other hand, will enable educators to take part in a training workshop on ‘Using Information Technologies in Education’ to learn about the positive impact of Microsoft tools and technologies in enhancing the learning experience and outputs, with a special attention to the development of the necessary skills required in the 21st century.

For first time in its history, Innovation Arabia will feature a rich agenda of live demonstrations, research workshops, panel discussions and interactive sessions through a ‘Virtual Congress.’ The 10th edition will allow participants to attend the Quality & Business Management, Smart Learning, and Health & Environment Conferences from around the world through a virtual platform. This is in line with Dubai’s digital transformation efforts being implemented according to the wise leaders’ directive to make it the world’s smartest city in a few years.