How To Make Your Career Choice Exciting, Scientific and Right?? The Brain Way


Career Design Through Brain Design

Dr Sweta Adatia, MD (Medicine), DNB (Neurology)
Specialist Neurologist, RAK hospital and RAK Diabetic center, Jumeriah, Dubai, UAE

I pursued Medicine not because I always wanted to be a doctor. I pursued it simply because nobody guided me right as I cleared my 12th standard exams with 94% marks. My parents were in the same field and I always thought that’s the only way to a successful life. Fortunately over time I started liking Medicine and slowly and steadily made my way through a long career of 15 years quite happily and successfully. I smile when people introduce me in workshops as procuring 13 gold medals for most subjects all throughout my graduation and post graduation. I smile not for the hard work that I put in but because I excelled in the field which was accidentally chosen.

What if I really had the passion, what if I truly had loved the subject/field from the start, what if I knew this was my whole and sole thinking ability and preference, I would have probably been happier.

Further I choose Neurology for super specialization not because I always wanted to be a Neurologist but because quite frankly I did not like other super specialties.

I loved to treat neurological disorders particularly paralytic strokes and hence I pursued a fellowship in paralytic strokes at university of Calgary, Canada and today I work as a specialist Neurologist at RAK DC , Jumeriah where I treat a whole bunch of neurological disorders like Migraines, Headaches , Parkinson’s disease , Strokes, Dementias, etc.

However the question always remained, what if I had some guidance to confidently make me choose what I like scientifically, would I be a Neurologist? I was lucky to be embracing a career of my choice by accident, but what if there was a process helping me out and guiding me which was highly accurate and scientific. Well as a Neuro-scientist , that is the most important part of consideration, the tool should be reliable, reproducible and specific.

That led me do a lot of research into existing tools for mapping careers for young brains. I came across a lot of psychometric tools, some of them which also helped in choosing a wise career, to be precise over 72 and I did undergo each of the test myself. However one tool struck a chord with me which was Neethling Brain Battery (NBI), I started to take deep interest in it, studying it, met Dr Neethling and team. I started to analyze all the available tools and felt that certain things were very important in analysis of a career which was values of the child, passion and dominant thinking process. Hence did a retrospective and prospective research in the area and assisted Educationists, Psychologists in developing a PathPerfect analysis .

PathPerfect utilizes the world renowned brain mapping tool NBI – Neethling Brain Instrument with a preassessment interest/value inventory designed to help students/adults choose their career confidently, scientifically and wisely. It’s not just any brain mapping or psychometric testing. This is a tool which is used in over 30 countries, has been accepted as a course/syllabus for universities across the world and highly specific for mapping the thinking process.

There is an algorithm for career matches which helps the parents/students decide on their right career with high level of confidence. The NBI tool is highly scientific and accurate and has been researched for over 2 decades and has shown to be valid and reliable

As per the research of all the existing tools/analysis or psychometric tests available, deciding a career boils down to assessing 3 primary requirements:

  1. Understanding ones interests/inherent/ dominant thinking preferences
  2. Determining financial feasibility
  3. Gauging future prospects and settlement plans

Determining financial feasibility of choosing a career is fairly easy so also the intended settlement area or region for most people. The toughest part is knowing and recognizing the hidden potentials and interests that one posses


The prefrontal lobes which are the decision makers for one’s life are actually still undergoing myelination and will not be helpful to make students at the teenagers  decide what is their inherent strengths or potentials and how confidently can they choose their dream path.

The career choice which they believe is right  is often based on the fantasy of the world around them or being influenced by video games/TV , peers, teachers or parents

I believe in two kinds of careers, LOVE or ARRANGED

Love careers are the ones which the students take up after knowing their interests, values and strengths while arranged careers are the ones decided by the parents  or friends.

Mapping the inherent strengths of the brain and dominance thinking pattern is a wise step towards understanding a child or an adult.

Other questions which can be easily answered are:

Will my child be suitable for a job or business?

Can my child lead?

What subjects and curriculum is ideal for my child?

Can my child adopt to changing environments?

Does my child possess endurance to carry on  lengthy careers like Medicine?


Even if student’s do not choose a career based on their brain map, you still know their pitfalls and strengths which will lead them fight all odds in making them successful. I believe in enhancing and enriching the skills of the students for the less preferred or not preferred areas of the brain making them fight all odds in their future life. This is called Whole brain thinking.

This science will also be useful in guiding them how best to study and learn so that they can emerge as academic scholars.  NBI in my opinion is a magical tool if understood properly and applied effectively.

I am always excited to map brains for young children and help them know their potential dominant thinking preferences and also their pitfalls. This tool is utilized for all normal children and should be deferred in children with learning disability.

All the young brains who are reading this article and feel whatever is written applies to you and you relate totally to what is above, do not hesitate to visit and meet me at RAK Diabetic Center at Jumeriah, Dubai and we can guide in evaluation of your brain inherent strengths and also guide in developing whole brain potentials.

I have given a snap shot of my brain design which helped me understand myself much better and take appropriate steps in my advanced career choice. It opened up many horizons of how best should I communicate, talk to my patients, understand people’s thinking processes, understand relationships etc

The above NBI map is of DR SWETA ADATIA, she has a Right R1(Cerebral) and Left L2(Limbic) dominant profile which indicates that she is very futuristic, imaginative, innovative, creative, great organizer and  has excellent planning skills. She also uses L1 quadrant in support of her right dominant thinking process. The ideal careers suitable for this particular thinking profile is: CEO, COO, computer based designing, advertising specialist, Pediatrician, Radiologist, Neurologist and Entrepreneur.

NB: This map does not give indication of skills for Dr Adatia and the NBI skill assessment tool should be used for assessment of skills.