Heriot-Watt University Dubai Partners with The Marketing Society To Address Students’ Technical Skill Gaps


Heriot-Watt University Dubai’s Edinburgh Business School has partnered with The Marketing Society, a global community of leading marketers, to address some of the gaps in technical and tangible skills witnessed in the sector. The collaboration is targeted specifically at students of Heriot-Watt University Dubai’s postgraduate International Marketing and Digital Marketing Masters programme through initiatives that aim to assist and support their journey into the workforce.

Commenting on the partnership, Professor Paul Hopkinson, Associate Head of Edinburgh Business School at Heriot-Watt University Dubai and Academic Lead for  Heriot-Watt Online, said: “Our partnership with The Marketing Society represents the University’s commitment to enhancing the students’ educational experience and foray into the workforce. We believe that as the workplace of the future demands new skills that students are not traditionally trained in, education providers and marketing membership organisations need to come together to address the changes and support the workforce of tomorrow. Representing senior leaders in marketing from across global brands, The Marketing Society, brings decades of core marketing knowledge, industry know-how and best practices that our students can learn from. Through this partnership, we hope to nurture the next-generation of talent and prepare them to build a positive outlook towards the industry and its future”

Adding to this, Mohammed Ismaeel, Chair, The Marketing Society Dubai and Partner – ToughLove Advisors said: “At the Marketing Society we are committed to helping the Marketing Leaders of today make the greatest impact and difference that is demanded of their roles. If we expect Marketers to continue to drive value we must ensure that we are helping to ‘future proof’ the next generation of leaders with the skills and tools needed to succeed. I am therefore thrilled that we are partnering with HWU in the support of this important initiative.”

The collaboration between Edinburgh Business School and The Marketing Society aims to equip and provide students with the necessary skills and specialist training to succeed in the industry, over academic knowledge alone. Benefits will include a one-on-one mentorship programme that will pair them with marketing leaders, discussion groups targeted at helping students identify challenges they could potentially face and solutions to the same, guest lectures delivered by members of The Marketing Society on current hot topics to support disadvantaged communities and building a green economy through the use of marketing.

The partnership will offer real-world skills and an insight in to real-life experiences to empower students and build confidence as they prepare to enter the workforce and society at large. A key aspect of the collaboration is to build a forward-thinking and thriving workforce that is ready to take on and combat global challenges.