GIIS Abu Dhabi Launches STEM-ROBOTICS Learning Lab by giving free STEM kits


ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates, 15 May 2017, (ME NewsWire): Global International Indian School (GIIS) Abu Dhabi will soon launch STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Learning Programme for all its students from grades 3 to 9.  Schools across 112 nations have implemented STEM Learning in order to help students learn through activities and experiments that help them understand much better compared to just theoretical knowledge.  

Practical experiments and training of the subjects taught in theory improves the thinking ability, analytical reasoning power and technical problem solving skills of students while boosting their creativity and innovation. This also helps students stay updated with advanced technology.

2017 is the “Year of Giving” and GIIS wants to keep up the spirit wholeheartedly. Taking the spirit forward, they will be distributing 4 STEM Learning kits to all their students through classes 3 – 9 free of cost in order to help them gain better clarity of the concepts taught in Science and Mathematics.

“This programme is being offered to students at no additional cost as we believe that equipping our students to be successful in 21st Century Scenario is our commitment. As part of this program kids will get 4 kits of STEM for free to use at home to create different projects. Some projects will be done as a group by the children in the school in the new STEM/Robotic centre being established.” Said Ramesh Mudgal, Principal of GIIS Abu Dhabi.

Furthermore, a membership card will be issued to the students after a year of joining the course which they can use to create an online account to access online modules, videos and to view other science content while enjoying offers on buying spare parts & kits. “We believe that kids best learn the core concepts of science and technology through practical means and when they are at an impressionable age,” added Ramesh.

There are basically 10 different ways in which STEM Learning imparts practical knowledge to students as follows;

Science Activities & Experiments – the major component of MY STEM Lab programme, this module has chapter wise, topic wise mapped activities and experiments.

Robotics – this imparts a thinking ability amongst the students which develops an ability to innovate. In Robotics students make different types of Robots, linked to their school course content.

Aeromodelling – students build their own models of gliders and aeroplanes, in the process of learning about the significance of shape, surface area, aerodynamics etc.

Contraption-building – this involves linking various steps together to do useful work involving various energy conversions, giving students a better understanding of energy and its conversion.

Task Machine – students are taught to make machines using a selection of materials available to them. Such an ability to improvise and build practical machines will be invaluable as they grow up.

Model Making – Using basic materials, students are taught to make various models such as torch, cycle pump etc., which are used in daily life.

Tool Handling – here students are trained to handle tools like pliers, electric drill, soldering gun etc., along with related safety precautions.

Science Around Us –  here students are taught about everyday objects and phenomena to make them understand the science behind them.

Demonstrations –  demonstrating some of the more advanced bots designed by STEM Learning, such as a high-speed car, a flying glider etc.

Other Technical Exposure – here trainers will contact industries/ manufacturing facilities on the behalf of the school take selected students to the facility. This will give technical exposure to the students.

The idea is to education and give exposure to practical knowledge that will help the kids to explore their skillsets and stimulates intelligence that improves their performance for better future.