First electric school bus tested by Emirates Transport


Bus modified to meet UAE’s school transport specifications.

Dubai: Emirates Transport has entered the final testing phase of what’s believed to be the first battery-powered, zero-emission electric school bus in the region.

The 45-seater bus, manufactured in close cooperation with Shanghai Sunwin Bus Cooperation, was in the final phase of testing on Monday.

Speaking at the launch ceremony, Mohammad Abdullah Al Jarman, General Manager of Emirates Transport, said in a statement: “The launch of a zero-emission school bus comes as part of our efforts to achieve the vision of the government for a green economy and puts the UAE in the forefront of such initiatives, regionally and globally.”

[Emirates Transport launched the final phase of testing for the first battery electric school bus in the region.]

Compliance with school bus specs

Al Jarman said the bus complied with school bus regulations after Emirates Transport officials visited the bus factory in China several times to ensure all UAE specifications were met.

Sunwin technicians also visited the UAE to better grasp how the country’s climate and other conditions that may impact the performance of the bus.

During the pilot phase, the bus will operate on full routes in conditions that accurately simulate the normal school bus’s daily journeys, as well as daily operating conditions, Al Jarman said.

To help charge the electric bus, two fully integrated bus power stations will be constructed that will recharge the batteries within four hours during each visit.

100km range

Fadil Atallah, manager of ET’s Technical Development Department, said that the current distance travelled by the bus was 100km under UAE’s hot conditions.

Ajit Kumar, COO of Commercial, Transport and Electrical for Al Naboodah Group Enterprises, said: “Al Naboodah Group Enterprises is very proud to be associated with this prestigious project initiated by Emirates Transport and we are fully geared to provide the necessary support together with our principal, Shanghai Sunwin Bus Corporation.”

[The electric school bus tested in Dubai has a range of 100km on a full charge, according to Emirates Transport.]
Buti Juma Al Naboodah, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Commercial for Al Naboodah Group Enterprises said: “We have for long supported the use of electric vehicles in our product portfolio, and through our partnerships with Emirates Transport and Sunwin, this vision is becoming a reality. This marks a great milestone for both the nation and our group’s sustainability aims.”

Source: Gulf News