Fichte Legal Consultants partners with Middlesex University Dubai to nurture the Next Generation of Law Students


Fichte Legal Consultants and Middlesex University Dubai have partnered to establish a common platform in order to cultivate law students for their transition from academia to the professional industry. The partnership was sealed by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding, where both parties committed to a mutually beneficial long-term agreement.

1“We recognise that the advancement of any industry begins with focused nurturing at a grassroots level. This is why we want to create an effective framework for the academic and professional development of students in law schools,” stated  Jasamin Fichte, Managing Partner at Fichte Legal Consultants.

“This initiative will bring a range of learning opportunities and training prospects to students in order to better prepare them for their eventual entry into the professional world,” she added.

Leading experts from Fichte will partake in a series of guest lectures, workshops and tutorials allowing the students to build on their legal knowledge while simultaneously expanding on their networking opportunities.

“At a time when the legal profession is becoming increasingly competitive, this partnership will prove to be instrumental for enhancing our students’ employability skills,” stated Dr. Tenia Kyriazi, Programme Coordinator for the Department of Law and Politics.

Middlesex University Dubai Law students are extremely fortunate to be offered the opportunity to receive guidance and training from one of the top international law firms in the region,” she added.

Fichte legal experts began introductory classes to advocacy in general that started at the end of September.

Going forward, students will be offered training seminars and legal consultancy on international maritime law.  Students will take part in interactive exercises, which focus on developing their persuasion, negotiation and witness handling techniques.

The ultimate goal is to prepare the students to be able to present a trial case in the DIFC Court, benefiting from the workshops given.