ECMIT continues to offer premium quality higher education to build generations of global business leaders


ECMIT continues to offer premium quality higher education to build generations of global business leaders

Premier institution opens registration for second semester of 2016-17 academic year


The Emirates College for Management and Information Technology (ECMIT) has announced that the student registration process for the second semester of 2016-2017 academic year will continue until February 4, 2017. It is currently enrolling new students following an assessment of their English proficiency. The college, which has a notable reputation in offering quality higher education, has invited student to submit their applications before the deadline to take advantage of its scholarship scheme. New students can avail a number of scholarships, some of which cover up to 50 per cent of the total tuition fees.

Prof. AbdulSattar Al-Alusi, President and CEO of ECMIT, said: “ECMIT is ready to welcome the new batch of students who will be the foundation of the UAE’s development plans and key pillars of its future, ranking first at all fields and among emerging global leaders. Our responsibility is to build a new generation of leaders who will continue to strengthen their achievements by progressing towards growth and prosperity.”

Underlining ECMIT’s keenness to enhance the capabilities of its students, Prof. Al-Alusi said that they will enable them to fulfill personal and professional requirements under different circumstances, especially stress. He pointed out that the college is seeking to give students a complete experience that is full of challenges and honorable accomplishments to prepare them to be future leaders in various fields.

The ECMIT is a leading knowledge hub in the UAE that elevates the concept of higher education, instilling innovation and creativity in the minds of students. It works on building a generation that can lead the nation through continued growth and leadership by adopting many modern educational concepts for imparting knowledge.

In accordance with the UAE Ministry of Education’s instruction, the ECMIT has indicated that students must furnish the proof of English language proficiency to get admission in Bachelor’s or Diploma programs. The score should be 500 in TOEFL ITP, 61 in TOEFL iBT and 5 in IELTS. The College further clarified that for students who do not have certificate of English language proficiency, will have to sit for the English placement test in order to assess their proficiency level. Accordingly, they will be enrolled in appropriate English language course in addition to their program of study.

The ECMIT also announced the opening of the registration for the Foundation Program for the students with less than 60 per cent score in the high school.

The faculty members are back to work from January 7, 2017 after the end of the 2016-2017 Academic Year’s first semester holiday. The College underscored the efficiency and expertise of its faculty members, who boast of the highest academic degrees from the world’s best universities. Extensive experience in their respective fields have enabled them to incorporate their knowledge within the courses they teach in line with the subject’s applications in respective discipline.

The college’s teaching staff are from diverse cultural background, possessing tremendous knowledge with most of them have a proven track in publishing research works and participation in international conferences. The ECMIT also pointed out that a good curriculum and practical information offered to its students, made them among the sought-after graduates in the labor market. Companies have shown confidence on the college and on the ability of its graduates to deal with work, transforming their knowledge into a practical experience through experiments and simulation they were trained on during their studies.