Dubai schools can’t refuse admissions to special needs children: KHDA


Admission into all educational settings will not be conditional upon the submission of a medical diagnosis.

Dubai schools will no longer be allowed to refuse admissions for children that have a special educational need and disability, according to a new policy framework announced by the KHDA. They are being guaranteed a right to receive quality education and training in all types and phases of schooling across Dubai.

The Dubai Inclusive Education Policy Framework has been developed to ensure inclusion of all learners, regardless of ability, in the education sector. The 50-page book lists a series of new policies in terms of admissions, identification and early intervention, participation, equity, systems of support for inclusive education, among many others.

One of the new policies also ensures that admission into all educational settings, including early years, will not be conditional upon the submission of a medical diagnosis.

Students who experience special needs educational needs and disability will also receive a “sibling priority” for admission to a specific school or educational programme.

Previously, parents have struggled to enroll their children, who have special educational needs and disability, into mainstream schools. Schools often refused them admissions as many of them do not have the necessary facilities, educational curriculum or support staff that may be needed to enroll a person with determination.

However, according to the new policy framework, private schools will be required to allocate “an appropriate percentage” of the school budget for the development and support of school-based provision for inclusive education.

Source: Khaleej Times