Dubai school wins big in Olympiad competition for teachers

One of the 10 schools globally to feature7 finalists in CENTA TPO.


The Kindergarten Starters School (KGS) has become one of the only 10 schools globally to feature seven finalists in the Centre for Teacher Accreditation (CENTA) Teaching Professionals’ Olympiad (TPO).

The school has also topped among the UAE schools participating in CENTA’s teaching practice competition.

Teachers taking part in the competition are required to demonstrate best practices in line with their specialisation in subjects and grades.

Altogether, 66 teachers from The KGS participated in the competition. Nisha Mohsin, a middle school English teacher at the KGS, was the highest-scoring entrant for the school and all participating schools from the UAE. She was ranked 87th out of 500 finalists.

Mohsin said, “I thank my school management and leaders for their motivation and encouragement to appear for the TPO. It was rewarding to have secured a position within the top 100 in the CENTA TPO 2020. The questions asked in the examination were challenging, and I am happy to have fared well. I aim to move into the Top 50 in the next CENTA TPO.”

The contest had attracted around 25,000 individual entrants from all over the world, of which 500 were shortlisted in the final that was held on March 5.

The organisation aims to elevate the teaching profession by assessing and certifying competencies, connecting teachers to greater opportunities and supporting their professional growth and development.

Asha Alexander, principal and chief executive officer (CEO) of the KGS, said, “I’m delighted that teachers from our school have performed excellently at the CENTA TPO. They have done themselves and our community proud. Our school has established itself on the principle of lifelong learning which we instil in our students as well as teaching staff, and this achievement is testimony to that.”

Participants in the CENTA TPO are assessed with situational examination questions that test their understanding of teaching, classroom behaviour and practice.

CENTA was founded six years ago by educationalist and entrepreneur Ramya Venkataraman, who is the founder and CEO of CENTA TPO. Teaching accreditation is widely recognised in the Middle East and India.

CENTA is also working on developing nations to help support and improve teaching standards.

Venkataraman said: “CENTA TPO is an annual and international competition. It aims to reward, recognise and celebrate competent teachers. I congratulate the KGS, Dubai, from the GEMS Education group, for being one of the 10 schools having the maximum number of winners in CENTA TPO 2020.”

Source:- Khaleej Times