Dubai parents want to make surprise class visits


This technique would help parents to see if teachers are using the items their children are asked to purchase.

Some Dubai parents feel they should be allowed to make “surprise visits” inside classrooms to assess the quality of teachers.

Farha Khurram, a parent of two children, said she trusts the school where her two daughters study. However, she added parents can also play a role in assessing the teachers.

Khurram said that this technique would also help parents to see if teachers are using the “expensive books” and other classroom items their children are asked to purchase.

“It sounds like helicopter parenting. Yes, but what’s wrong with us going into the classrooms in surprise visits and seeing how the teachers are teaching? Sometimes, they make us buy all of these books and stationary items, and the teacher ends up teaching on a powerpoint presentation. It would be helpful to see what really goes on in a classroom,” she said.

“I’m not saying we go and sit with our children every day – but once or twice a month would put our hearts and minds at ease.”

Another parent, Adnan Iqbal, supported Khurram’s idea of paying surprise visits to classrooms.

Iqbal, a father one child, said: “I don’t think schools would allow this, but, it is a good point. It could also help us in making a decision if the teachers’ style of teaching is suitable for our child. Or, maybe, we can do the surprise visits if our child is struggling in the classroom. It will give us the opportunity to help more.”

However, one parent, Salma Farooq, said showing up inside a child’s classroom “can create distrust” between the parents, school and the child. “There are systems put in place that protect our children. There are dedicated parent-teacher meetings that happen very often. If you think you need to go see inside your son or daughter’s classroom, then you need to change the school. You’ll know if your child is in a good school by just seeing his or her attitude, skill development, exam results and other behaviour,” she said.

Source: Khaleej Times