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Swathy Sanjay Sindu

Swathy Sanjay Sindu

The Young Vision Ambassador (Since Oct 2014)

University of Southampton

Congratulations to The Young Vision on its 6th anniversary!

TYV is close to my heart not only because I adore the concept behind it but also because I adore the minds that come together to create it. Dr Namrata and her team have worked tirelessly to make every edition a little more unique than the last. Being involved with TYV through the Ambassador Programme, I have not only been able to explore my own style of writing but have also learnt invaluable tips on the best ways to present content and the significance of leadership and cooperation when working in a team. Having been a part of TYV, I am extremely happy to have seen it grow as a publication. This is exemplified by its booming fan base who are eager to engage and connect with the magazine. I am excited for the future of TYV and hope that it continues to educate and inspire the youth with its wealth of knowledge.