Psychology is a wide field that includes the study of human thought, behaviour, personality, development, motivation, emotion, and more. Numerous psychologists work directly with those facing difficulties, for example mental health disorders including depression and anxiety. They help people to overcome learning problems, relationship problems, parenting issues, eating disorders, substance abuse, or to manage the effects of a chronic disease.

Academic Entry Requirement

  • Grade 12 – Pass Class XII in Any Stream
  • Graduation – Pursue Graduation in any Discipline
  • After Graduation – Pursue master degree in Psychology
  • After post-graduation – Pursue Ph.D.

Degree In

  • BA (Honours) Criminology and Psychology
  • BA (Honours) Philosophy and Psychological Studies
  • BSc (Honours) Forensic Psychology
  • BSc (Honours) Psychology
  • BSc (Honours) Psychology and Law
  • BSc (Honours) Social Psychology
  • MSc in Forensic Psychological Studies
  • MSc in Psychology

Who can hire?

Commercial and industrial companies, human resources departments, financial organisations, marketing companies, local and national government, the National Health Service, the media, schools, police forces and social services.

Professional Career

Postgraduate training and study is required to become an expert psychologist. Many psychology graduates spend a year of experience before go for postgraduate study.

The type of knowledge needed depends on the field of psychology you’re interested in. Work as an assistant psychologist such as nursing, mental health work, social work, services for persons with disabilities, mentoring young criminals and work in prisons or social services is vital.

Experience in human resources or personnel and business and management is required for those interested in professional psychology.