[td_block_text_with_title custom_title=”SUMMARY” header_color=”#e88f1b” separator=”” tdc_css=””]Ayurveda is reffered as the “science of life” in the ancient Sanskrit and has been a key part of a comprehensive natural health care system in India as well as Sri Lanka for over 2000 years. An Ayurvedic practitioner uses holistic techniques from India to help patients. The natural therapies are tailored to the needs of each individual to eliminate impurities, reduce stress and fight disease .The Treatment range from diet and lifestyle advice, massages, yoga and meditation to herbal supplements, counseling, or specialized therapies. Ayurvedic practitioners assess diet habits, lifestyle, and mental states of the patient.[/td_block_text_with_title][td_block_text_with_title custom_title=”WHAT ALL CAN I DO?” header_color=”#e88f1b”][/td_block_text_with_title]

Ayurvedic Doctor

One can start his/her own clinic and pratice individually or can work with a hospital.

Retail shops

They can tie up with pharmaceutical companies engaged in Ayurvedic preparations and open his/her own retail shop of Ayurveda medicines.


Pharmaceutical companies hire Ayurveda graduates to work as clinical researchers to supervise/monitor drug research.

Ayurvedic Pharmacist

They can work as a Ayurvedic Pharmacist in government Ayurveda hospitals,pharmaceutical companies,private Ayurvedic colleges.

Durg Manufacturing

In the manufacturing sector production of Ayurvedic medicines is a good business. Apart from actual manufacturing, other options such as cultivation of medicinal plants, trading raw materials in the form of powder, extracts, oils, etc.

Ayurvedic lecturer

They can work in a college as a lecturer.

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Stream Graduation After Graduation After Post Graduation
Path 1
Clear Class XII in Science with Biology stream Pursue B.A.M.S for 5.5 years (4 and a Half Years of study + 1 Year Internship). Post Graduation Program (2-3 years) Post Graduation Program 2-3 years Ph.D
Path 2
Clear Class XII in Science with Biology stream Pursue B.A.M.S (4 and a Half Years of study + 1 Year Internship). Diploma/PG Diploma in Ayurveda 1-2 years Diploma/PG Diploma in Ayurveda 1-2 years

Important Facts

Most college have eligibility criteria of minimum 50% aggregate marks in Class XII / and some of minimum 60%. Some colleges/ universities also have an age limit
Internship Is compulsory for B.A.M.S programme.

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  • Use a combination of modern and ancient techniques to restore the balance between the mind, body and the spirit
  • Focus on the physical and also on the mental aspect of illness
  • Use natural remedies to cure disease and illness
  • Have thorough knowledge on benefits and detriments of different natural products
  • Remain up to-date with contemporary research on healing qualities of natural products
  • Communicate with clients with empathy and care
  • Organise knowledge, accounts and case histories in a proper manner
  • Perform duties in line with the ethical standards


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