Sports Management

[td_block_text_with_title custom_title=”SUMMARY” header_color=”#e88f1b” separator=”” tdc_css=””]Students who pursue sports management learn how business principles are related to the sports industry. The business and promotional concerns of athletes or athletic organizations are seen by sports management professionals. Job duties of sports management professionals may include monitoring the finances, negotiating contracts of athletes and teams. As there is increasing demand of these professionals due to rise in league competitions such as ISL, IPL, PBL, Pro-Kabaddi League etc., this profession has got a lot more opportunities and employment.[/td_block_text_with_title][td_block_text_with_title custom_title=”WHAT ALL CAN I DO?” header_color=”#e88f1b”][/td_block_text_with_title]

Sports Agents

Sports Agent look after their athlete’s public relations, business promotion,career progression etc. Sports agent manages the business oppurtunities for the player and acts as a bridge between the player and the club. He/She should have knowledge about financial analysis, business management and investments.

Sports Managers

Sport managers is the spoke person for the athlete They keep in touch with the media to maintain a good image of their client.

Sports Medicine Professional

The responsibility of sports medicine professional is to maintain atheletes mental and physical health. The knowledge of kinesiology, physiology, anatomy and nutrition is applied to sports by them. They often undertake regulatory and legal issues that are associated with professional sports.

Sports Information Director

Sports information director work is similar to that of a public relation personnel. They work encompasses working on press release, organisating conference for atheletes and coaches, updating information about the team on the website etc. The athletic director is the person responsible for administration and oversight of all athletic programs. They also work in colleges and universities.

Sports Marketing Specialist

Sports Marketing specialist coordiantes activities during sports event. Marketing techniques are utilized by the specialist to increase ticket sale during such events. They often work with sponsors for the promotion of their product.

Event or facility managers

Settings and fields where sport event takes place on a regular basis require people to manage them and ensure proper maintainance of the facility and this is undertaken by the facility manager. Their work involves managing the staff that operates and maintains the venue and also works to book events and negotiate event contracts with sports teams or other organizations.

Sports Journalist / Commentator

With good communication skills and knack for sports one can find avenues to practice the art as commentators, journalists etc. The emergence of League competitions such as IPL, ISL, IBL, etc. has created abundant career opportunities.

Sports Federations

There are 52 approved National Sports Federations and hundreds of state level and district level federations. These are the organizing and governing bodies of sports in India at various levels. Their responsibility is to promote sports as an industry and help in growth of various aspects.

Sports Celebrity Manager

All the sports personalities need a Manager who will help them manage their portfolio of contracts, associations, endorsements and renewals.

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Stream Graduation After Graduation After Post Graduation
Path 1
Clear Class XII in any Stream (Keen involvement in sports is recommended) Pursue BA in sports management or BBA (Sports Mgt) for 3 years Pursue MBA (Sports Mgt) for 2 years/Job
Path 2
Clear Class XII in any Stream (Keen involvement in sports is recommended) Pursue BA in sports management or BBA (Sports Mgt) for 3 years Pursue PGDSM for 1-2 years/Job
Path 3
Clear Class XII in any Stream (Keen involvement in sports is recommended) Pursue BA with any stream Pursue PGDSM for 1-2 years/Job

Important Facts

  • Some colleges prefer sports players
  • No mandatory subjects in class XII
  • The minimum age requirement is 17 years for this course

[/td_block_text_with_title][td_block_text_with_title custom_title=”WORK DESCRIPTION” header_color=”#dd3333″ separator=”” tdc_css=””]

  • Manage budgets and coordinate with players/clients and owners/marketers on commercial matters
  • Get advertisement deals and contracts which get the maximum coverage for clients
  • Apply concepts of management and business to the world of sports
  • Liaison with multiple stakeholders on behalf of clients
  • Manage and coordinate media interactions for the clients
  • Plan and manage marketing and branding campaigns for clients
  • Maintain training schedules to ensure overall fitness and well being of clients
  • Negotiate or approve of contracts and agreements


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