Supply Chain Management

[td_block_text_with_title custom_title=”SUMMARY” header_color=”#e88f1b” separator=”” tdc_css=””]Supply Chain Management is all about planning, procuring, handling, managing, engineering and enabling the goods and services that are essential for the nation. They are purchasers and transportation planners and bring warehouses and distributors settings to live. They conceive, design and deliver all the items like food, water, goods to customers on time, and in perfect condition. During the job, they face different challenges every day. The sector is countinously shifting and evolving with changing needs of people and technology. Hence, there is diverse in the careers in supply change management.[/td_block_text_with_title][td_block_text_with_title custom_title=”WHAT ALL CAN I DO?” header_color=”#e88f1b”][/td_block_text_with_title]

E-commerce sector

E- commerce is growing very fast like Flipkart, Jabong, Ebay, Snapdeal, etc. Supply chain management plays a very important role from placing the order to customer satisfaction.

Auto motive sector and Manufacturing sector

Cost can be reduced and prices can be lowerd by efficient supply chain management.

Aerospace and Defence sector

They design innovative manufacturing process. Good supply chain management technology can help in reducing costs and optimizing production.

Consumer product and retail sector

They help in retail by strategizing which can help companies in dealing with the high cost, slow growth, changing technology and achieving sustainability.

Healthcare sector

They help in reducing health care costs & enhancing customer reach. Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, healthcare services, etc. are few industries which employ supply chain managers.

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Stream Graduation After Graduation After Post Graduation
Path 1
Clear Class XII in Science Stream Pursue Graduation in B.Tech/ B.E for 4 years Pursue PG Diploma in Supply Chain Management
Path 2
Clear Class XII in any Stream Pursue Graduation in Any Discipline Pursue PG Diploma in Supply Chain Management
Path 3
Clear Class XII in any Stream Pursue Graduation in Any Discipline Pursue Certification Course in SCM

Important Facts

  • Premier colleges have eligibility criteria of minimum 55% aggregate marks in Class XII.
  • While one can get a job in the supply chain domain immediately after graduation, it is recommended to pursue an MBA after a few years of work experience for faster career progression.

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  • Plan, develop, organize, direct, manage and evaluate the personnel, operations and budget of an organization’s supply chain
  • Consult supply chain planners to forecast demand or create supply plans that ensure availability of materials or products.
  • Monitor forecast to identify changes or to determine their effect on supply chain activities.
  • Define performance metrics for measurement, comparison, or evaluation of supply chain factors, such as product cost or quality.
  • Evaluate inventories to determine how to increase inventory reduce waste, or optimize customer service.
  • Develop procedures for coordination of supply chain management with other functional areas, such as sales, marketing, finance, production, or quality assurance.
  • Develop a delivery system to ensure maximum product creation and optimal shipments to customers


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