Accessory Designing

Accessory Designing is one of the most interesting field of Fashion. Accessories can improve a splash of colour, style and personality to the wearer. Accessories range from footwear, jewellery, scarves to belts, handbags, hats etc. Thus, there is a wide opportunity for the field. To be popular in the field, the person should use their creativeness and imagination to design unique products. They are up- to-date about the fashion industry.

Academic Entry Requirement

  • Grade 12 –Pass Class XII in Any Stream.
  • Graduation –Pursue B.Sc. Fashion Designing/ B. Des. Accessory Design or Pursue Diploma in Fashion Designing/ Diploma in Accessory Designing.
  • After Graduation –Pursue M. Des. (Master of Design) or Pursue PG Diploma in Fashion.

Degree In

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Life Style & Accessory Design
  • Master’s Degree in Life Style & Accessory Design

Who can hire?

They may work with jewellery houses, freelancer, at tourist destinations, leather designing company, and traditional studio-based design sector.

Professional Career

Accessory design is a creative path dealing with creation and designing of accessories which are functional, aesthetic, or both. Quick globalization has created cheerfulness and variety in accessory, downing multi-cultural design concepts, which is a mark of luxury. By its virtue the program comprises research of materials, process and procedure of making. The parts of the course improve the creative ability, perception and design aptitude of students.