Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

In aviation sector, aircraft maintenance engineers are responsible for the control, maintenance and repair of particular aircraft parts and instrument. The maintenance of modern classy aircrafts calls for high degree of proficiency, technical knowledge, integrity and dexterity on part of the concerned personnel. Aircraft maintenance engineers play an important role towards keeping the aircrafts in flying condition and to confirm 100% flight safety. They research, maintain, design and manufacture the aircraft. With the rapid growth in the aviation sector, the demand of aircraft maintenance engineers are in high.

Academic Entry Requirement

  • Grade 12 – Clear Class XII in Science Stream – Physics & Mathematics
  • Graduation – Get an Aircraft Maintenance Engineering License – 3 years (DGCA Approved) and Pursue B.Sc. (in any discipline)and Pursue B.Tech. in Aeronautical Engineer
  • After Graduation – Pursue AME Training Courses

Degree In

  • International Diploma of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
  • Master of Engineering in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
  • Bachelor degree of Engineering in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Who can hire?

Private airlines, Flying clubs/academies, National and International carriers, Aviation corporations sector, Airports, Aircraft manufacturing firms, Line Maintenance Offices, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Dept. and Technical Publications Houses.

Professional Career

Aircraft maintenance experts are trained to adjust air-filled systems and aircraft engines, install and remove aircraft components and identify the problems. Some of their duties include repairing pilot static systems, checking electrical systems and performing regular defensive inspections. Engineers examine aircraft main body and landing gear for leakage or cracks. They replace or repair defective aircraft parts and check completed work to confirm that it meets quality standards.