Economics is the study of deep vision in economical functions at micro and macro levels to manage the universal market. It is the skill of economic system and ideas that manages production, supply and consumption of goods and services. Fields involved in economics are international economics, econometrics, public finance, economic policy making, monitory economics, development economics, etc. Economics provides good career opportunities to overcome an edge in today’s globalizing world. The demand of economist in industrial sector has great at both the national and international level. The wildest growth in demand for economics is being viewed in the private sector, particularly in the areas of economic and consulting research. The top recruiters include Public and Private Banks, Government and Private Research Centres,Consulting Companies and Multi-National Companies.

Who can hire?

Economic Services,National Sample Survey, Indian Civil Services, Planning Board, Reserve Bank of India, Ministry of Economic Affairs, National Institute of Public Finance, Planning Commission, National Council for Applied Economic Research and Policy.

Professional Career

Economics continues to rank amongst the most popular majors selected by the majority of students. They studiedthe widespread use of Economics in numerous sectors, graduates are employed in a range of posts which may, or may not be related to the discipline. They work in manufacturing, communications, transport, insurance, banking, retailing and investment industries, as well as in government agencies, charitable and consulting organisations.

Other than economic consulting work in both the public and private sectors, employment prospects in government, administration, journalism, sales, investment banking, finance, and venture capital. Numerous international organisations offer ample job opportunities to renowned economists.