British Education: Exceeding expectations

[The quality of British education has always been paramount.]

The UAE is home to British-run schools and colleges in the region, and its regulatory mechanisms make it one of the best.

Among the curricula in vogue around the globe, British education is the most relevant and appealing. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that around 90 per cent of the world English curriculum is drawn from the Westminster style, and is abjectly British in essence. England, being the birthplace of English language as well as the legendary Shakespeare, British curriculum is expanding by the day and is the most vocal in style and aptitude. Moreover, British system of education has acted as a pivot in spreading knowledge, information and interaction in various corners of the world.

The UAE is second to none when it comes to standard of education, and has an overwhelming British influence in its curriculum. It is righty said that British education is lifting the knowledge-based system in the UAE, and dedicated schools have a robust role in furthering knowledge and language proficiency. English as the second language in the UAE is primarily British in style and essence. Estimates say that more than 80 per cent of foreign students enrolled in the UAE schools and colleges opt for British curriculum, and prefer admissions in British-run institutes. Likewise, the UAE has a silent 15 per cent British populace enrolled in various schools and alma maters. Academicians and teachers who are British-educated have an edge over others and are in demand.

A rough estimate says that in the next few years more than 100,000 students will be enrolled in British-curriculum schools and colleges in the UAE. This is why expansion plans are underway, and at least 50,000 new seats will be needed by the year 2020. The growth of British education sector is at a rate of around 8 per cent per annum, and at least five new British institutes or branches, come up every year in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The quality of British education has always been paramount, and the UAE has made enough new strides to provide excellent infrastructure, regulations and a competitive environment to further that objective. British-run schools and colleges are highly in demand, and parents keep a tab for enrolling their wards well before the commencement of  the calendar year. An average of 50,000 students attend British schools in Dubai alone, and the numbers are on the rise in other emirates as well.

Fee structures also vary with some being very reasonable, and compared to the quality imparted, it is worth the cost. Most of the teachers hired in the UAE are from the English-speaking countries like the UK, Australia, Canada and South Africa. Likewise, an important feature of British curriculum is the international testing standards that the system has in its wings. The International English Language Testing Services (IELTS), an essential requirement for overseas admissions as well as pre-immigration qualification, has given a boost to British education system in the UAE and beyond.

GEMS Education Group is one of the of its kind in the UAE, and the Cambridge-based education is highly eulogised. The schools adopt a holistic approach for education with an equal emphasis on the overall development of the child implementing academic, as well as extra-curricular activities.

Some of the salient features of British education system in vogue in the UAE are as follows: British schools follow the UK National Curriculum throughout the secondary stage of education. At key stage 4, students take their GCSE examinations, and in key stage 5 they will sit for their A-Level examinations – qualifications that are recognised internationally for entry into higher education and/or employment. Students usually enjoy access to excellent facilities and resources, under the leadership of experienced teachers. Students are assessed regularly and their learning potential is harnessed for their GCSE (or IGCSE) courses, which are internationally recognised qualifications, administered by examination boards in England and Wales.

With the UAE being the preferred home to more than 200 nationalities, and people coming in especially from the English-speaking countries, the British-based education module is set to expand in leaps and bounds. The Knowledge and Human Development Authority of Dubai, and the UAE educational authorities, value and support qualitative and competitive education canvas for all, and the British education system is set to rise to new heights of success and glory in the emirates.

Source: Khaleej Times