Architecture Career Find

Architects design buildings for private or public use, including homes, schools, sports complexes, convention centers and museums. They design new buildings, and makes changes to present buildings and advises on restoration and conservation of old buildings. They work friendly with clients and end users to modify the designs to their wishes and specifications. They ensure that these possible designs are economical, safe, functional and visually attractive. They often employ the use of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software to diagram their designs and confirm their feasibility. As a large contributor to the design of our towns and cities, architecture also has play an important role in improving social inclusion.

Who can hire?

Architecture & Engineering service firms, Architecture design firms, Cooperative Societies, Central Public Works Department, Government – Urban Development Department, Entrepreneurial ventures and National Building Organization.

Professional Career

People need places to live, play, work, learn, eat and shop. Architects are responsible for designing these places. They can be hired to design anything from a single room to a whole complex of buildings. Architects discuss the requirements, objectives, and budget of a project with customers. In certain cases, architects provide numerous predesign services, such as environmental impact studies and feasibility, cost analyses, site selection, and design requirements.

The plan of architects show the buildings entrance and details of its construction. These plans comprise drawings of the structural system; ventilating systems, air-conditioning and heating; communications systems; electrical systems; and plumbing.