Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 6 July 2021: Al Bateen Academy today celebrates its 2021 cohort, who have achieved a 100% per cent pass rate in this year’s International Baccalaureate exam results.

Marking Al Bateen Academy’s highest ever score, its IB graduates of 2021 have achieved an average score of 35 points with 20% of its students achieving 40 points or more.

Student and former Head Boy, Klyde Gironella achieved the highest possible score of 45 points – which is only achieved by less than 1% of students globally. Klyde also marks the first Al Bateen student in the school’s history to receive an offer from Oxford University.

Sahar Cooper, CEO of Aldar Education, said: “I am extremely proud of this year’s cohort of graduates for all that they have achieved. Marking Al Bateen Academy’s highest ever score, today is a monumental moment for students, teachers’, and staff, and one that they should all be proud of. The internationally recognised and highly regarded programme of study forms an integral part of the curricula at Al Bateen Academy in offering an inclusive education of the highest standard.”

“This year’s results are testament to the commitment of our students, leadership, teaching staff and the wider school community to pull together, to succeed and to achieve excellence. Students should be incredibly proud of themselves for not only their academic achievements, but for the resilience and positivity they have shown as true ambassadors for our community.”

Neal Dilk, Principal of Al Bateen Academy said:I would like to congratulate Al Bateen Academy’s International Baccalaureate students who should all be incredibly proud of themselves for their achievements. Over the past academic year, we have undoubtedly faced unique challenges as we have navigated our way through unprecedented circumstances. The flexibility and commitment of our students in not only their studies, but in their attitude towards adapting to new learning situations with the same determination should also be congratulated.”

Ananya Khosla, International Baccalaureate student at Al Bateen Academy who achieved 44 points in this years’ IB exam results as well as unconditional offer to Stanford University, showcased her initiative throughout her studies by setting up a social enterprise and website, ‘Still I Rise’ – designed as a forum to help provide children with chronic illnesses access to vital information.

“Through my studies I noticed a lack of information was available for children who suffer from chronic illnesses such as Diabetes, Asthma and Congenital Heart Disease (CHD). I set-up Still I Rise as a social initiative aimed to spread awareness of chronic health conditions, to provide children with access to easy-to-read information and to make their illness seem a lot less daunting as they search for treatments.

“I launched the Still I Rise initiative at the beginning of my International Baccalaureate studies and throughout that time, I spoke with adults who had inspiring stories on their journeys with illnesses as children. I also provided information on new treatment breakthroughs and spoke to children with concerns on their diagnosis.

“I would like to thank my teachers at Al Bateen Academy for supporting me with my International Baccalaureate studies alongside my journey with Still I Rise. I hope it continues to help children remain resilient and strong as they rise above challenges with their illnesses,” commented Ananya Khosla.