Al Ain Zoo’s green spaces is ideal environment for interactive learning


AL AIN, 9th September, 2018 (WAM) — With the beginning of the new school year, Al Ain Zoo is continuing to provide its educational programmes based on innovative and enjoyable methods of interactive learning.

Omar Yousef Alblooshi, Director Marketing & Corporate Communication at Al Ain Zoo, said, “We offer a completely different environment from the usual school setting. Innovative interactive education is one of the most influential methods of student achievement and knowledge fulfilment. We have created an educational setting throughout the vast park and its immense green spaces, navigating the experience and discovery of our wildlife and vegetation and the wonders of the animal kingdom, in addition to the Children’s Discovery Garden, which provides a new concept of interactive education through water, sand and sensory games. The Children’s Zoo and other experiences and facilities enhance the love of learning and enrich students’ knowledge base.”

The three annual camps (spring – summer – winter) organised by Al Ain Zoo for students aged 7 to 14, are educational forums which contribute to the building of personalities and thought processes of students to develop their skills in various elements. Each camp is dedicated to a new concept to ensure that the students’ assimilation of knowledge and discovery take place in a fun and collaborative atmosphere that best serves the goals and missions of each camp.

The educational programmes of the Zoo cover all levels from kindergarten to ninth grade. The Zoo offers tours and workshops, direct and supervised contact with animals and plants, and opportunities to learn how they adapt with nature in terms of both structure and behaviour in order to survive in their natural habitats. Grades one to five students learn about the life cycle of animals and plants and their biological classifications. They are also introduced to the medical and dental care of animals. Students from sixth to ninth grade enjoy learning about biodiversity, animal senses, zoos, agriculture and wildlife conservation.

Source: WAM/Esraa Ismail