Adithiyan Rajan

The TYV Youth Ambassador Programme is for high schoolers who have an infinite passion for reading and writing. Being a proud Ambassador of the TYV Ambassador Programme, I feel elated to say that the programme has achieved its purpose of providing an effective platform for us, the leaders of tomorrow, to share support and discuss upcoming issues, and to pursue excellence. It is the crucial step that has brought out all the possible virtues in me and has given me a new identity. It has given me a way to help and empower society. Through the programme I was able to improve my efficiency, communication skills and confidence. It has helped me emerge as a leader. I am honored to have walked with TYV so far and I will continue to extend my full support for this best of its kind masterpiece. I feel blessed to be a part of TYV‘s journey towards soaring to greater heights. I wish to express my gratitude to Dr Namrata who has given us, Ambassadors, the opportunity of being who we currently are! And congrats to her and the team for doing what you are doing!