1,000 students make human formation of UAE emblem

[Over 1,000 students of Sharjah Indian School gather together in UAE national colors shades of black and bright yellow to form the largest human formation of the UAE Emblem. – KT photo by M. Sajjad]

To create the perfect emblem, the students stayed seated and kept their arms at a certain angle.

Clad in the UAE national colours of red, green, white, black, and flaming yellow, over 1,000 students created the largest image of the UAE national emblem on Tuesday.

The Grade 3-6 boys students from the Sharjah Indian School participated in the event as part of the school’s sports day celebrations at Al Tiqah Club for the handicapped. The UAE emblem is similar to the coats of arms and emblems of other Arab states.

“It consists of a golden falcon with a disk in the middle, which shows the UAE flag and seven stars representing the seven emirates of the nation. Our students have formed the design to the T,” said school principal Anthony Joseph.

The school management said it was the first time they attempted to form a human image, as they’ve formed images of the UAE national flag for previous year’s celebrations.

Aparna Nair, the school’s art teacher and one of the facilitators of the event, said: “It is easier to form angular shapes; however, images that involve curves is much more challenging. In this case, a highlight of the falcon’s head, wings, and torso were drawn on the sports grounds before the students were brought in,” she said.

To create the perfect emblem, the students were asked to stay seated and keep their arms in a certain angle on the grounds.

The celebrations were attended by Sharjah Indian Association president YA Rahim, who said: “It is a great achievement by our students, and we’re very proud of the teachers and support staff who helped make it happen.” Another teacher Vijula Fredrick said: “The students prepared for it only a day before the event, and they carried it out very well.”

Source: Khaleej Times