Which stream should you choose after Class 10 – science or commerce?

by Sivadurga Adduri, TYV Ambassador, Leaders Private School, Sharjah


This time last year, I was in grade 10 and in a great dilemma. It was the time for me to choose the streams. While most of my friends suggested that I should opt for the science stream and even my parents’ support was also for science, and even after me scoring 10 on 10 CGPA, I was strong in my decision of taking the commerce stream.

When I stepped into grade 11, I was bombarded by questions: ‘Why did you choose commerce?!’, ‘Commerce does not sustain the prestige, science encounters the privilege’. This was the impression of commerce so far.

But reality is that ‘the one being a doctor possibly would be under a businessman’. My intention in talking about science and commerce is not to criticise, but it is a diverging road where they have their own personality and hidden destinies…It’s our own responsibility to price our abilities and select the right diverging road.

Choosing the right stream has a long lasting impact on a student’s future. I have come across many students who choose the science stream with a blind thought of the prestige and parental pressure. Once they step into grade 11, they start struggling with their subjects or start feeling frustrated. The decision taken with parental pressure or lack of knowledge about both streams will become the biggest burden, and this where they lose their passion.

So dear students, Board Exams for 10th graders are around the corner. Once the exams are given, you will have to take the first biggest decision for your future career. As I always aspired to become a Fashion Buyer and as my talents are managing, analysing, organisation and creativity, it was a perfect match for me to opt for the commerce stream.  Likewise, it’s your time to evaluate your talents and passion for your future career. So choose wisely. Good Luck!