TYV Ambassadors

Maha Shahid

Where the world is running out of most of its vital resources, what we still have in our hand is our youth. These 1.2 billion young minds, with their remarkable perception and extraordinary Read More.

Arthi Anbalagan Pandian

Apart from wanting to satisfy my own selfish desires of being able to listen to and interact with others by being an Ambassador (it’s human nature and I’m a victim of humanity) Read more.

Rea Marwaha

For the last 5 years, I’ve been tremendously invested in creative writing and articulating my thoughts and opinions through my work. Read More

Shanel Misquitta

My name is Shanel Misquitta. I’m 18 years old and currently studying in Dubai Gem Private School. My enthusiastic personality, optimism and love for life are what make me bubbly Read More

Taneesha Pradhan

I am honoured to have been selected for The Young Vision’s phenomenal Ambassador programme. I am confident that this opportunity is going to be abundantly beneficial for me. Read More

Siddarth Mohan Shekhar

The word ‘Vision’ originates from the Latin, ‘Visus’, meaning, supernatural manifestation. Truly the vernacular link between the derivative and the original is one that inverts itself when it comes to life. Read More


The TYV Ambassador program was an eye opening experience for me as much as it was a thrilling opportunity. Through this program, I was not only able to meet new people but also learn about a lot of things that I would otherwise not really…


For those of us who think that we know it all. especially with all the easily reached resources available  to us everywhere. I learnt a lesson: Today, although it's true that we do have many resources.. Read More.

Yashwita Reddy

When I was selected as Youth Ambassador for The Young Vision, I could not believe it - that moment was so surreal. I knew that this opportunity would have a lasting impact on my life. Read More.